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The German exterior Boris Becker is condensed to see his years and the middle of the press for British justice by four cargoes ligated with his personal bancarrota.

Boris Becker, 54 years old and a Gonader of the Grand Slam tornadoes, has been hacked into the news even though he claims to be specially trained to earn 2.5 million pounds (3 million euros per actual exchange rate / 3.16 million of dollars) to avoid the debt of their debts.

Declared bancarrota in 2017, Boris Becker condensed by cargoes that include the construction of wells, the revelation of patrimony and the cultivation of a deity.

Becker había sido declared in quiebra

The fire that struck the German tennis star, which resides in the United Kingdom since 2012, was declared culpable on April 8 by the Southwark Crown Court in London after being received or illegally exchanged for hundreds of euros and sterling pounds for no tener que hacer frente a sus deudas luego de haber sido declared in quiebra.

Boris Becker is currently being held on April 29 in a taxi in the tribunal, under the direction of Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. Seriously, light purple and green coriander, the colors of Wimbledon. His 28-year-old son, Noah, was beaten to death.

During the process, the affirmative tax bill that Becker owed 1.13 million euros (1.22 million dollars) from the sales of a Mercedes car concessionaire that is located in Germany, which is in a professional banking account that is used as ” caja “personal with who pays for the purchase and gasification of the escalation of their shadows.

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