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The legal battle between Bratt Pitt and Angelina Jolie continent. This vez, but the videos that are only in common in France. The 58-year-old actor has been accused of acting like a 47-year-old to claim the reputation of negotiating wines that were previously owned by him instead of being “extra”, because the papers presented by him abogados en los juzgados ya los que ha tenido acceso la magazine People. En 2008, la ahora expareja buy the Miraval Shrinea castle and a lodge built in the city of Correns, where people’s camping in 2014 and having a variety of family vacations located in their hometown.

In July 2021, Jolie acusaba a Pitt to block the end of the fin. Interpreting advertising against justification a temporal cancellation of ATRO, term with the purpose of denouncing the order that avoids one of the parties to record decisions or carry out financial operations that affect the other during the separation process. A petition that the solitaire failed to find a counterpart to any part of the videos. “All of them are intentionally trying to get into social business with their ex-partner in acceptable financial terms, but Jolie is about to run out of money to get the money and solitaire that the tribunal issues an order to pay the ATRO.” aborted by the actress in a written statement, follow the magazine US Weekly. In February it was confirmed that Angelina Jolie had decided to part with her consent, but Pitt decided to ask.

Aerial view of Ch Mirateau Miraval, the finish line of flights to France from proprietors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Aerial view of Ch Mirateau Miraval, the finish line of flights to France from proprietors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.MICHEL GANGNE (AFP)

Now, the affirmative actor that Jolie “treats the cause of death” intentionally to take part, because he recounts the documents presented in the passage to the Superior Tribunal of Los Angeles (EE UU), which is echoing People. It is assured that your wine company will be converted “into a multimillion-dollar global negotiation and one of the most respectable rosé products in the world” thanks to its workmanship and the expression of “no contribution in vain” and its excitement.

After confirming Pitt’s abbots, Jolie took part in the tenure of Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of Grupo Stoli, a Russian multimillion-dollar company owned by Yuri Shefler, which is believed to be “designed to record Miraval control”. “Jolie persuaded and consumed the secret, violating Pitt’s contractual intentions intentionally,” reads the document. Además, the team of actors who say that Shefler is in the process of obtaining “confidential information and patents for the benefit of a competent company” and accusing him of “commercial tactics of disputes and professional associations of dudos”, that ” mark that Pitt constructs with all sorts of ”. In this line, aggregate: “Jolie has been required by Pitt to associate with an extraction, but also an extraction with venous associations and intentions.” On the other hand, he wanted to reconsider the incest of “a candidacy that is being tried in the juicer”, even though the supposition was not realized by Jolie, who declared “zero and no effect”.

Situated in the heart of French Provence with up to 30 hectares of surplus, the islands of Château Miraval cover the denominations of the area, Coteaux-Varois-en-Provence and Côtes de Provence, where white and one white wines are spread out. . In 2016, little after announce its separationthe pair of actors shut the windowwith 35 habitats and 500 hectares of land (the place where they live), for 55 million euros.

This is not the only legal battle in which you are immersed. Pitt and Jolie are legally divorced in 2019, going through a separation process that goes a long way in advance, all because of the custody of all the shadows they have in common. The actor obtained the party custody in May 2021, but lost two months. Tras ello, solicit a new revision of the custody of the people, that fue denegada el pasado mes de octubre. It’s a new battle that goes on and on so many different things to think about whether or not you want to have an amiable relationship or if you want to find new ways. Algo que pabiía impbién imposible between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, in prime space, pero que play with the passage of time.

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