Brexit has only been given to 6 year olds

Brussels.— In the great heck henión Europea (UE) silo ha habido perdedores.

Those who failed to refer to the Continuing Viejo Continuation with an unintended result, the effects of which are obvious: economic retrograde, political polarization, and distance between societies that, for the most part, are almost alligated.

This is the conclusion that many expertly consulted by EL UNIVERSAL about the evolution of southern archegada hecha by a reduced group of British politicians who recurred all types of artillery to materialize a political ideology arranged in a profound Eurosecepticism.

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The first note that algunos rescues as possibly positive in an experience in that which is not hay ganador, is the hecho of which Brussels sees the social view as the most antagonistic to the EU. Traditionally, London has been a stepping stone in the process of European construction.

“The United Kingdom always follows the current policy policies of the EU, and at the same time points out, opposes a major integration. Now, in the United Kingdom as a member, the EU has a steady stream of antidote to the biases presented along the Brexit route, as the tuning of the tunnel to see the mutual alignment of the two against the impacts of the Covid-19. I Quién sabe qué hubiera ocurrido si todavía fueran miembros? ”, Says Emily Fitzpatrick, analyst at the European Policy Center.

To be obligated to hack, but out of political ambition, the first entries David Cameron prompted some member of the EU in a referendum to agree on the relationship.

As of June 23, 2016, against all proprietors, 51.89% of Britons are inclined to urns by abandonment. As a result of the apathy of the young people, who are permanently housed in a house, but all of them, from a brand campaign to all types of incandescent rhetoric, engagements and infinite promes by some of the major Eurosceptics, among others, John Borros retired politician Nigel Farage.

Among the long list of mentors, it is said that the best news is as much as it’s diner for the National Salutation System and other governing programs, but presently the EU spends 350 million pounds a week, as long as it lasts the governing arcas.

También fueron insisted on deciding that the reunited British series be more united and stronger than the European bloc; In Scotland, the possibility of a second referendum on independence has increased, with political tensions rising in Northern Ireland over the provocative situation in Brexit.

It is safe to say that the community club, the other side of the Mancha Canal, the most secure series against crime and terrorism.

Assimilation, demagoguery arises with all types of grotesque accusations against the EU, against the cabinet of Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission from 2014 to 2019, is passive, tolerant and silent.

“Because we owe Brexit from the moment of the referendum, the major impact, all to the United Kingdom as well as to Europe, is negative,” said Camino Mortera-Martinez, head of the Brussels office of the Center for European Reform (CER ).

“It is clear that Brexit is having a negative impact on commerce and also in the British economy. The majority of economists believe that in the transversal of the proximal 10, 12 years, this impact is amplified in a negative way “, said Anand Menon, director of the UK study center in Changing Europe.

“They are honest, for a number of promoters of the salida, the Brexit era is politically, not economically; he recovered from the siege, under which an economical lake on the court and in the middle of nowhere was implicated, ”said Professor Tambien, a European politics professor at King’s College London.

John Springford, CER Undersecretary, lists the first numbers on the cost of Brexit. For the last quarter of 2021, the PIB from the United Kingdom was 5.2% lower than the prevailing one, the inversion was 13.7% lower and the exchange rate was 13.6% lower.

Affirmation that the economic downturn of the United Kingdom in the pandemic can be part of the calculation in the PIB area, because it is the one that refers to the inversion of interest and rewards, even if the trade of the moment, in part abandoning the single market.

On Europe, Camino assures that at the moment there are no estimates, as analysts coincide in which it inevitably generates a bump in the economic indicators, as a consequence of losing part of the internal market and having a very good deal of money.

“It’s a whole lot more difficult to deal with any of the Brexit-specific consequences, the pandemic has amortized much of the effects,” Camino said.

For example, it seems that all of these services have implications for the service sector, the target sector of the British economy, which has been excluded from the agreement with the EU.

The British salute practically coincided with the Covid-19 league and the introduction of a series of confinements starting in 2020; hasta apenas hace quatro meses, hay una gradual apertura de las fronteras, con lo cual ha comenzado a reanudarse la movilidad de abogados, músicos, artistas, entre otros.

“The pandemic has reached the level of inertia for European and British companies, but in order to achieve this, it has the capacity to quantify the impact on the British economy (…) and to avoid accountability. Now we have the world inflation and the war in Ukraine [como pretexto]”, Afirma Fitzpatrick.

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Returning to the EU traditionally has significant implications for the unity of the United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland, all parties have been formed in large numbers by post-Brexit-themed topics, such as in Scotland, where Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced plans to celebrate a second referendum on independence in October. gobierno obtiene la approbación legal necesaria.

In political terms, as Professor Menon explains, in Reino Unido, a new type of political division is created:

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. However, due to the other oil, the EU has the capacity to act as the RU in sounding like the defense and recovery of Covid, even though it differs in that the hubiera ocurrido in the presence of the RU “, added.

Pero la odyssey lejos está de tocar fondo; there is a series of tables in the gym. Most of them have to go to Northern Ireland, where they have to join the European Union market to avoid a physical frontier in the Isle of Ireland against the temptation to revisit the ghosts of the passage, except that they create a frontier between Belfast and the rest of United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson’s goblin initiated proceedings to unilaterally alter the glorious Northern Ireland Protocol. The European Commission manifests its disposition to implement augusts, but seeks to renegotiate an international treaty that is cradled and that is vicious.

There is also tension in pending sound effects such as energy, security, defense, exteriors and the normative theme, all topics are decided by an express negotiation that lasts only 10 months and breaks down.

“Commitments in the normative embryo that converge at a distance from the commonly placed standards, lead to lower political tension,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Current relations are very tense for multiple reasons; “One of the reasons why the British government has so much tension with the EU is that it is politically proven, but it is based on the theme of the Irish Protocol,” said Menon.

Algunos studios piesan that to comment and review the relations between London and Brussels require a new inquiry in the 9 Downing Street. Johnson’s cargo is on the cargo, slightly starting to regenerate.

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