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Series »“Has become a global boom, gathering millions of viewers who have seen all the episodes of the first and second seasons, leaving them very happy, wanting to discover more episodes of what will continue to happen to the eight brothers who are looking for love in English. High Society.

MORE INFORMATION. The explanation of the end of the second season of “Bridgeton”.

The chapters of the second season were recently released on the platform , most of his fans were exhausted within a few days of them, so there is now a lot of uncertainty while waiting for the third part. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions.

This way you will occupy your mind, և your TV as well, while the producers “BridgetonThey do their job to finish their work և show the next episodes of the saga.

MORE INFORMATION. The list of characters that did not appear in the second season of “Bridgeton”


1. “Alias ​​Grace” (Netflix)

Grace Marx is a character who portrays a low-income Irish immigrant who works as a domestic worker in Canada, is accused, convicted of the murder of her employer, a housewife. The series tells the story of a murder, as he introduces us to the protagonist after 15 years in prison.

2. “Turn. Washington Spies “(Prime Video)

A group of friends set up one of the most famous spy networks in history to help the United States win the Revolutionary War. There is a lot of intrigue in his head, which, no doubt, can capture the attention of his viewers.

MORE INFORMATION. How old are the actors of “Bridgeton” in real life?

3. Anne on E (Netflix)

“Ana con una E” makes big changes in the field of terrorism, psychological trauma, racism, religion, social issues, at the same time it tells the story of raising the main character, who is an orphan on a farm of the time.

4. “Power” (Netflix)

In the 16th century, Mary’s friends moved from France to Scotland to marry Prince Francis, the heir to the throne. However, the prince has a rebellious stepbrother who puts him back more than one and a half.

5. Dickinson (Apple TV)

Emily Dickinson does not fit into the beliefs of the time in which she lives, as the constraints of society, gender, and family are like her daily bread, as she seeks to make women’s voices heard.

6. “Outlander” (Starz)

A nurse named Claire goes back to the past, meets Jamie, falls in love and gets married. Both became key parts of the American Revolution to American independence.

7. “Doctor Thorne” (Prime Video)

A typical love story mixed with families, because they think that the two main characters should not be together, causing a number of problems, but both live their feelings hidden from everyone։.

8. “Golden Age” (HBO Max)

It’s a series that focuses on the gilded era of New York City in the 1880s, at a time when the city was amassing great fortunes, enjoying palaces on Fifth Avenue, while some residents were suffering from tumultuous situations. The struggle for economic progress is a central theme.

9. “The Great” (July)

Catherine devises a new plan to seize the throne of a large area in Europe, but to do so she must return to her vile instincts and force Peter to die.

10. “Prostitutes” (July)

The owner of the Brodel changes cities to improve the situation of his family, but there he meets another woman who has the same business, և now they have to compete for the best customers.

When will the premiere of “BRIDGERTON” SEASON 3 take place?

The third season “”Has no release date yet but new episodes are likely to appear on the streaming platform in early 2023. In fact, Shonda Rhimes He assured. “We are already working on the third season so that we can have a shorter time between seasons.”

It is known that the third part will also have eight episodes, which will start recording in the first half of 2022, as confirmed by Nikola Kuglan and Shonda Rhimes.

So, at best, the third season ““, will come Netflix: In the first months of 2023, but if there is any delay, the fans will have to wait until the middle of the next year or even the end. .

MORE INFORMATION. Why is Julie Andrews Lady Wisdown’s voice in the series?


The Fetteringtonians should welcome the new heir to their estate as Penelope continues to navigate the city, hiding her deepest secrets from people closest to her, even gaining an ally in Geneva Delacroix.

When Jack looks at Cressida Cowper, Portia is afraid he will go out, so he tricks Jack into getting engaged to his daughter, Prudence. But what seemed to be the solution to their problems turned out to be the opposite, as the new Lord Fetterington was also broken; he wanted to get married to improve his condition.

Sharmanner’s stay in Aubrey Hall brings them closer to Anthony և Kate as they share an exciting game, a tempting hunt, and their deepest fears. .

MORE INFORMATION Why did Ruby Stokes / Francesca leave Bridgeton in the middle of the second season?


  • Luke Thompson is Benedict Bridgetton
  • Lady Violet Bridgetton is led by Ruth Gemell
  • Jonathan Bailey is Anthony Bridgetton
  • Simon Ashley as Kate Sharma
  • Julie Andrews as Lady Wisdown’s voice (narrator)
  • Phoebe Dainawor, who plays Daphne Bridgeton
  • Luke Newton, represented by Colin Bridgetton
  • Penelope Fetterington is headed by Nicola Koflan
  • Claudia Jesse, who plays in Eloise Bridgeton
  • Florence Hunt, known as Hyacinth Bridgeton
  • Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury:
  • Joanna Bobbin as Lady Cowper
  • Harriet Keynes is Philippa Faiterington
  • Bessie Carter is Prudence Featherington
  • Ruby Stokes is Francesca Bridgeton
  • Will Tilleston represents Gregory Bridgetton
  • Polly Walker is led by Lady Portia Fetterington
  • Jessica Madsen as Cressida Cowper
  • Catherine Drisdale is led by Geneva Delacroix

MORE INFORMATION. What Happens to Simon After Season 1 “Bridgeton” According to Julia Quinn’s books?


According to Julia Quinn’s books, the third season “Will focus on Benedict և’s search for him, first in the guise of a mysterious woman, and then in Sophie Beckett, Count Pewwood’s illegitimate daughter.

«As in Cinderella’s story, Sophie sees her dream come true one night. Unaware of her stepmother, she dresses like a queen and attends one of London’s most iconic costumes. Moreover, he catches the eye of the most attractive and charming bachelor of the party Benedict Bridgeton. However, she soon confronts her harsh reality: an illegitimate girl, poor and without resources. Fate wants to give him a second chance when he enters Benedict’s house to serve, or he does not know the beautiful young woman he has been looking for for years. He is now a simple servant who cannot reveal the truth to him. Does the magic of that night seem lost forever or not?“, – it is said in the first part of the book summary.

MORE INFORMATION. Who is in the cast of Bridgeton?


TV producer Chris Van Dussen explained that Ruby Stokes had to leave because of another series of previous commitments . About ““, The author of the supernatural thriller series Jonathan Strud և It will feature Cameron Chapman և Ali Haji-Heshmat.

«I love Francesca, but we lost her in the middle of Season 2“, – said the host of the show“- to the above-mentioned media outlet. «After consuming all the other options, unfortunately, he had to leave for reasons beyond our control. Maybe season 3 will be the magic»: The last sentence gives hope that Ruby Stokes will reprise his role in future episodes of the best-selling series based on Julia Quinn. What, Francesca can not shine until the sixth book, which should coincide with the sixth season.


At first this theory would be a bit far-fetched, as the story is based on the Bridgetton brothers, but in the end it will all depend on the production. և How many changes? Julia Quinn’s books It is planned to do it, because this is where the whole plot is based.

However, the actress who brought this character to life, Ajoa Ando, ​​talked about the possibility of finding love in the TV series, she did not rule out anything, somehow misleading the fans of the story, who would like to see this woman counselor. is happy in a sentimental sense.

«I wish I had someone who loves Lady Denber. That would be wonderful. And I love his appetite. So I wish there was everything that allows me to have that appetite more. ”said for the actress .


According to Julia Quinn’s books, the saga on which the series was produced Eloise would be the protagonist of the fifth season, which has not yet been confirmed . Therefore, the third part should focus on Benedict և Sophie.

However, in an interview with ET, Reims said that they will not necessarily go back to the order of the novels.There are eight Bridgetton brothers, and we are going to go back to the romantic story of all of them. We do not have to go in order, but we are going to see each of the brothers և their stories»:


Since the third part will focus on another member of the Bridgetons, it was assumed that Kate և Anthony will be transferred from the screen. However, Kate Sharma’s translator revealed in an interview who still has a lot to say next to the Viscount.

“We will be back! Kate նոր Anthony is just getting started. We have the incredible role of Jess Brownell as a part of the Season 3 show. “In Season 2, there were a lot of fights between Kate and Anthony, there were family problems, and in the end we got together.”

What about Simon Ashley? is waiting for your image

Simon Ashley also took the opportunity to express what he expects from his character in the next episodes, as well as in his relationship with his partner.

“I think everything is just beginning. I would like to see Kate a little more relaxed, play more in Season 3, swim together in that love. I think they both deserve it. ” he pointed.

Played by Simon Ashley, who is remembered for his role as one of the students
In the person of Simon Ashley, who is remembered as one of the students of “Sex Education”, Miss Sharma is the guardian of her sister Edvina, who will arouse the interest of Viscount Anthony Bridgeton.

What does this have to do with a book?

Everything shows that Anthony and Kate will be present in the third season, which is in line with the structure of the novels, where their story goes back many years. Or what is said in the book does not always happen, how? .

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