Cabinet: Adolf Hitler was the main topic of an eventful session in Huancayo

Anibal Torres praised Adolf Hitler.
Anibal Torres praised Adolf Hitler.

President Pedro Castillo traveled to huancayo accompanied by Hannibal Torres And other owners of the state to implement a decentralized session Council of Ministers After the various demonstrations and protests that took place in that region after the strike of heavy cargo carriers and farmers. Let us remember that these actions resulted in four deaths and material losses.

on huancayoDozens of police officers intensified security measures around the Wanka Colosseum hours before the start of the cabinet in order to avoid encroachments and protests near the Colosseum.

The arrival of the president and his cabinet in Huancayo forced the authorities to take care of their integrity in the face of any incident. Under this situation, school classes are suspended on Thursday, April 7, and interest will be held at State House behind closed doors.

At the beginning of the session, the Prime Minister, Anibal Torres, referred suspiciously to Hitler and apologized for They say the police were not “effective” in dealing with recent social conflicts. He says it’s a product of “stress”

“On one occasion, Adolf Hitler visited northern Italy and Mussolini showed him a highway built from Milan. Seeing this, Hitler went home, filled it with highways and airports, and turned it into the world’s number one economic power.He said in part of his speech. This phrase caused quite a stir.

Controversial speech by Anibal Torres in Huancayo | Video: Channel N

In light of this comparison, the Israeli Embassy in Peru rejected that Torres used both previous dictators (Hitler and Mussolini), responsible for millions of deaths during World War II, as examples of struggle and prosperity. They added that this was an insult to the victims.

“We regret that Peruvian political discourse includes references like Hitler and Mussolini as examples of prosperity. Death and terror regimes cannot be a sign of progress. Hitler was responsible for the murders of 6 million Jews, whose praise is considered an insult to the victims of that global tragedy.” It was read on the Twitter of the Israeli embassy.

In turn, the German embassy also rejected the transcripts submitted by Torres, who was in favor of the bloodiest genocide in a century. He spoke through his Facebook page.

“Adolf Hitler was a fascist dictator and mass murderer, in whose name the worst war ever was carried out by Germany and the genocide of six million Jews was committed. Faced with this scenario, Hitler is not a suitable reference as an example of any kind.” they held.

minute by minute


The Congress of the Republic expressed its disapproval of the words of Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, who supposedly expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Congress rejects Prime Minister Aníbal Vázquez’s statements in favor of Adolf Hitler. Video: Channel N


President Pedro Castillo said today that the country should start with the proposals.

He noted that one example is the participation of local and regional authorities and civil society representatives in the Fourth Decentralized Cabinet in Huancayo City, Junin District.

“You have to work for the good of the country, for the sake of the most vulnerable sectors”He said.


Jose Baquelo Sanchez, a disabled young man, demanded that Pedro Castillo comply with the labor law. In addition, he demanded that the state authorities stop fighting and worry about the real problems of the Peruvians.


We will not let the water be polluted. With regard to agricultural credit, work is being done so that the agricultural bank lends to farmers.”


Peruvian Prime Minister Aníbal Torres stressed that “sometimes we say barbarism” when he retracted after invoking the figure of Hitler as an example of economic development.

Cabinet in Huancai
Cabinet in Huancai


“For 4 months we have a list of claims. We have installed talking tables but the lack of interest made us stop again. Let’s honor the agreements,” said Nai Angel Misachari, agricultural sector leader.


Anibal Alvarez, Transport Sector Leader, to Pedro Castillo: “This cabinet is not your will, people are tired of too much laziness. Enough lies Mr. President.And the


The inaugural act was to be announced, but before that, Dina Bullwart began to sing in the cabinet.

Dina Bullwart begins her speech by singing in the Cabinet | Video: Channel N


The peasant union leader spoke forcefully to Aníbal Torres: “Every day that passes you disrespect us” there Pedro Castillo was asked to step down.


Pedro Castillo apologizes to the people of Huanca, while leaders demand clear proposals

Pedro Castillo apologizes to Huancayo | Video: Channel N


The President of the Republic arrived in Huancayo and was greeted by leaders amid shouts and allegations: “Castillo, listen, respected Huancayo.” “The united people will never be defeated.”

The leaders shout and demand Pedro Castillo as soon as he reaches Huancayo | Video: Channel N


Nicholas Bustamante, head of the Transport and Communications Authority: “We are exercising a public function with a constitution that is against the people.”


The session is interrupted. Pedro Castillo arrived at the Wanka Coliseum, and his ministers came out to greet him, but the leaders claim to have a voice in the session.


Betsy Chavez turns to journalists and leaders and praises the work of the government, but attacks the press with the words: “Journalism can be the finest profession or the most evil profession,” etc. He advocates raising the minimum wage because “a secretary or a member of Congress cannot live with 930 subs.”


Minister Shavari (Mininter) talks about citizen security issues (safe neighborhood, etc.) and mentions the recent arrests of “Los Dinámicos del Centro”, but avoids talking about the recent protests that left six dead due to the ineffectiveness of the authorities


The leaders demanded the presence of President Pedro Castillo because the obligation was for the Head of State to attend at the beginning of the day.

Congressman calls for leaders in the decentralized cabinet | Video: Channel N


They suspend attention in vaccination centers due to possible manifestations against Peter’s castle.

10 o’clock

Anibal Torres: “Once Adolf Hitler visited northern Italy and Mussolini showed him on a highway built from Milan. Hitler saw it, so he went home, filled it with highways and airports, and turned it into the world’s number one economic power”


Union leaders, dissatisfied with the absence of Pedro Castillo, are demanding his presence at the start of the meeting. Anibal Torres replies that he will arrive in Huancayo


A minute of silence is required for those who died in the protests of recent days


The Prime Minister begins the meeting at the Wanka Coliseum and reports the delay of Pedro Castillo’s flight, but the President is still holding meetings at the Government Palace.


Delay in the start of the Decentralized Council due to the absence of President Pedro Castillo, who has not yet left the Government Palace.


Commanders and Ministers are waiting for Pedro Castillo to arrive in Huancayo, but there will be delays in the President’s trip.


According to the decentralized cabinet program, it will continue until noon

Cabinet program in Huancayo
Cabinet program in Huancayo


Representatives of the various unions denounce the prioritization of mayors and leaders of Peru Libre. “What are they doing here? Who are they representing?


There are about three thousand police and military personnel in Huancayo to provide security for the ministers and the president


Various union and community leaders were prevented from entering Wanka Stadium to attend the decentralized cabinet


Registration of social leaders registered for today’s session begins


Aníbal Torres and several ministers from his government are already inside the Wanka Coliseum.


Minister Roberto Sanchez gave his opinion on Anibal Torres’ statements about police work. “There are shortcomings in all public bodies, and it comes to the pending and deferred claims that the state has and within seven or eight months of judgment they will not be able to solve the loopholes from other times.”


Dozens of police and military are guarding the surrounding areas and various points in central Huancayo against the potential threat of protests

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