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Dice Diego Luna (Mexico, 42 years old) who, from Chico, Spain and its theater offers a reference to él. Search with a view to a country scenario. Now, there is a carriage that is very important in international cinema and television, landing in Madrid with a theatrical monologue, which penetrates the love of a couple of 40 years away with the phone of the fund of political and social contacts which marked the history of Mexico él mismo since 1979 until the finals of 2018. Each of us has a lot of despair, written and directed by the playwright Alejandro Ricaño, it’s an emotional journey, full of incentives and descent, lows and cul-de-sacs, in which there is no lack of humor and irreverence. With the cart of all the entrances located, the function is to show the proximity of the boat to the Naves del Español en Matadero, which will be on July 10th.

Esnica única’s first presence in Spain of this compromised actor, director and activist. There are already screens on the Amazon Prime platform directing an episode made in Spain from su serie Pan and circo que, bajo el título Discrimination in Spanish, turning on the lathe or a group of people with different opinions and voices – “ninguna t ”xica”, apuna Luna—, to contrast points of view, to search and enter the counter, to intentionally construct points. Periodists, like José Andrés Rojo and Maite Rico, activists, scribes like Jorge Volpi, filmmakers (Fernando Trueba), actresses (Barbara Lennie) and cocineros (Diego Guerrero) are the only ones of this kind who appear in this episode, even in the culinary incubator as personal interviewers, for news of the relations between Spain and Latin America and, in the words of the director, “Elsewhere can you look, you can see and your perspective”.

About a vacancy scenario, apenas dos silas and three cameras on the sole, Diego Luna apparatus in the frame of the object, the lunar pass, covered with jacket and shirt number 33 of the American balloon team Boston Celtics and a pinch of orange that rodea su cabeza. Your brother, Darío Bernal, is wearing the Los Angeles Lakers shirt and the masses on his hair, engaging with his percussion and other musical artifacts and moving the narrative that is prophesied to be monologue, first in the theatrical career of Diego Luna. Cada vez nos despedimos mejor with Madrid in 2013 in Mexico, with more than 200 representations, and some in Colombia. The work traces variations of mezcal bottles and many hours of lathe conversion to the life of Diego Luna and Alejandro Ricaño. “We do not know what we are talking about incapacitated children, of the incapacity of deciding adiós. Nadie nos enseña a decir adiós ”, assures the actor, that most of all the experience of the part of the function, Mateo and Sara, the work plant a universal pulse and my therapeutic. “Honesty with the fact that Ricaño has the feeling of his feelings and the mistakes of the moment when he is a spectator, with or without a pair, indifferent about his emotional life and has a reflection that is very enticing”, added Luna.

Diego Luna, in the series 'Pan y circo'.
Diego Luna, in the series ‘Pan y circo’.

Both events and the actor are directed to the public, this is the history of the coincidence of the birth of this 31st of December 1979 in the misma hour and in the mismo hospital mexicano. The incentives and descent of this man and his wife are currently following important historical moments for Mexico. “Alejandro and I like the mass generation and hemos hecho as a Mexican radiograph in one that creams and records the successes that live on, as of the 1985 earthquake “It takes a lot of money from countries that do not have the right to do so, as they are more likely to choose to oppose the PRI, it is an institutional monarchy allied with democracy,” Luna said. It is in this way that the function transcurses, with only cinematic resonances, even though the PRI recovers the power. “De ahí viene el titulo de la obra. We do not have the right PRI and the little one to establish the flight. “But we do not know what to say.”

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Estela paterna

Va como una bala desde bien joven. Marked by the size of his mother and his daughters, Diego Luna commented very quickly on the actor’s carriage, following the paternal stele, with the definite escalator attached to the film Y tu mamá también, by Alfonso Cuarón. Has passed a lot of time and its cinematographic career is plagued by titles of all nationalities and diverse directors – David Trueba, Steven SpielbergCarlos Cuarón entre otros— además de series como Narcos. Direction hace doce so primer odometer, Abel, which is present at the San Sebastian Cinema Festival. It is produced proliferatively on its face as a producer (creating a product below and to its colleague and friend Gael García Bernal hace aos) with who has been documented and historically compromised socially and politically. But the theater is the one that, the confederate, laughs at the moment when it needs to put its feet on the ground. “The theater produces a sensation of competence and arrogance. The theater offers me the sensation of being in a situation and tense time to be ”, explicitly is an actor, who hopes to recite the moment of the text against the public of Madrid and find essentially evocative resonances.

Even though it is compromised, it does not want to enter current ratings in Mexico and its relations with Spain. “It seems that there is a political way of relating between the two countries, which has nothing to do with reality. You have a very deep connection. I feel a little interested in what I have, in my country. Durante años, México ha mirado mucho al Norte y España e Europa y se nos olvida todo lo que tenemos en común. The possibility of concurrences and connecting the exploits to the maxim ”.

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