Cadena solo guaranteed to follow in Chivas with a ‘Final digna’ – Francotirador


Pues Cadena is at the very least different from Peléez: since it is the only candidate to be placed on the bench as it is installed in Quartos with the Classic Tapatío. The only one who guarantees its continuity is the Final and encararla as the Rebaño grandeur is demanded. However, the reality is that your team has an inertia that expands. Veamos.

If you want to update the search engine of a renowned technician as an option for Guadalajara, it’s explicit that Michel Leaño searched Bielsa as an option, as it does not work. Result that the extreme robinlanco and ‘disconnected’ from the sounds of the tapatío club, pero not unlocked a esn, is decisive, Marcelo does not intervene by now, and does not go by a rate, even though there is a latent possibility of being reincorporated in a medium place with a place to define. The planar plan of the cepillados is its circular auxiliaries.


Now, the theme that spans many places of joy and chivahermanos: the renovation of the sensational Alexis Vega, in its most explosive moment. It’s a turn of ’10’ with ’10’ that takes place in Guadalajara, especially Amaury Vergara, which destroys the negotiation ponéndole cabeza and buena voluntarily.

It is important to sign the contract extension with Rebaño until 2024, but do not decide what to do with it. The key is contract relief, with its agent, Alex López, hitting the city of up to 10 melons for a sea that is accessible to a European who is interested in Vega’s flying principles of the following year, the World Cup. Even though it is under renovation, Chivas is assured that it will not be free as many cases that lead to the last year, ¿Verdad, Cruz Azul? As Vega’s assurance is that if you do not buy it for yourself, your guadalajara salad will go up and down the nubes, even competing with the monsters of Liga Meme X: Gignac and Ochoa. Vaya jugada.

Now, I’m interested in the topic that the offer is for, representing the representative of the directive already seen from other sunrises and rays of the Pa Bajes Bajos. It’s easy. Veamos si se arma. By the way, Vega, Rebaño and its affinity, live a great enchantment like the novels of the Las Estrellas Canal.


For the moment that the heart of Chivas extends to all the categories, where it advances to the Liguillas, including the Femenil, that the Pumas in the Akron, as well as the varonil. In the middle media, it is important to review what is being done at Ciudad University in Ida, where the eastern partiality is gaining ground. Fue impressive. Era unucursal de Guadalajara. Although it is clear that Femenil is a bar of nitrogen in the ballast of men, it is safe to say that it does not decompose.


And to drive with Femenil, or with Harrington salida in pure Solari style, with strong plant arm, regular torch, Liguilla, or a passage of transcendence, adelanta my hour embedded as seeing limpia in el Nido, pues ya detectaron dos dos manzanas podridas que están contaminando al grupo. The directive has no content with which it suggests and is only carts in the audio.


Me sigo con el Ame y el caso Lainez. How to get in the ring: the igui have not been searched by the Betis directive for repatriation to Diego. This is a certified signal from the Nido mismísimo. It is clear that the publication of TUDN, the official medium of the Coapa club, of the mass media, has no doubt as to what is being written, contradictory to its reporters, who normally retrieve the first-hand information, but explicitly .

It’s natural that the iguilas filter out all the primates, including in the Mexican Selection, which is stored in the case. Rare seria que no pasara así. Ser reporter in TUDN from esa fuente es tener la chamba hecha. Extra of this case is that the implemented directive is enjoyable by the television set.

You need to pay attention to the variety of reporters and accept that you are always interested in Lainez to listen to the questions and do not shout at the televisions.

The case is: whoever moves, marvels and lands for what Lainez left for America is not Betis or the Mexican club, then the rep, Alex Lopez, can see that Diego has a team that in the minutes before the World Cup el Tata no se lo llevará, pues así se lo advirtió el entrenador argentino.

From the transfer window there is the option of mandarins to a Segunda team in Spain, but it is not specified. This is a club in Portugal, Pellegrini has nothing to do with Mexican, but damp is still. By the way, near the port of Coapa and America is available to add.

Now, no matter what the plans for raising startup capital, it is important for the day care business plan to provide accurate and complete information. In summary: America is available to accept Diego, but for the sake of it Betis has decided to cut it in half. The front porch of the dijeron in Baños which is the only saloon located in Mexico, and optionally is not an option. And Vale?


Last but not least, the extension of the TUDN publication (since it is the latest, it can not be answered by colleagues): Pumas you are not searching for Gudijo for ficharlo in case Talavera is on the move. No va por ahí. At the University it was tried that Julio González is an effective solution for portraiture. Además, no apagan la sail aún de que el guardameta mundialista renueve.



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