Can Pachucan ոնը Leon play in the Copa Libertadores?

Before the “invitation” of the President of Commebol Alejandro Dominguez to the Mexican teams, we present you pros and cons to comply with the offer.

President of CONMEBOL, Alexander Dominguezinvited Grupo Pachuca teams Pachukan և Leonto dispute Libertador Cups, a tournament Mexico has not played since 2016, which was invited this Tuesday, could be a source of hope for teams to return to the competition.

However, before teams raise their calls, there are several reasons why teams may or may not participate in a South American club tournament.

Because they can not.


The main problem with: MX League: It is the calendar set for the tournament with the Confederation of South America, as it has become a calendar year, not a football year. This means that the Mexican teams would be on full vacation when the championship is in its group stage, even being directly out.

Moreover, this was the main reason that MX League: He decided not to participate in the competition anymore.

Add to this the fact that the Aztec clubs have a bi-national tournament with MLS celebrating the League Cup, so the time to participate in more commitments will be reduced.

The same way, Leo could not play in the 2023 championship CONMEBOLWell, next year they have a commitment to play in the Concacaf Champions League, becoming the runners-up in last 2021 Open.

Concacaf permission:

The Mexican teams have expressed a desire to return to the South American Championship, but the main obstacle is coming. Concacafas it does not allow its teams to play Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana.

“If you are talking about competitions between clubs, I am not going to negotiate with clubs, they are discussions at the confederation level. For the club or the league to talk to the confederation, it’s not right for me, և we are focused on it. “Our Champions League,” said the FFA President Concacaf To Canadian Victor Montalyan, talking about the possibility of Mexican teams playing Liberators’ Cup.

Consumption permit

Another challenge that Aztec teams have to play in the championship is the approval of the 10 Confederations of the Southern Confederation, which will allow: MX League: to return after an absence of seven years.

In the past, Mexican teams paid to participate in the South American Championship, and the economic rewards they received were lower than today.

Why else could they play?

– Conmebol invitation

President of Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez has made an invitation Pachuka և: Leo to participate in the championship, but it is joined by other directors who welcome the return of Mexico.

Gonzalo Belosso, who holds the position of Development Director of the South American Football Confederation.

“We have a very good relationship, they left for no reason. When they saw the awards, they appreciated our return. “They invite us whenever they want,” he told Radio la Red.

If: Pachuka և: Leo get permission Concacafthey can act as invited clubs, even though they do not meet the standards required by the organization CONMEBOL to play the tournament.

Good relationship with Grupo Pachuca

Dominguez և Pachuca Group They have maintained warm relations in recent years, despite the fact that Mexico has no presence in South America. However, this group is really active all the time, first with Chile’s “Everton”, which is now participating in the Copa Sudamericana.

In addition, there is the Talleres de Córdoba, which was part of until 2017 Pachuca Group: էր It was after his promotion that this collaboration with the team led by Andres Fassi ended.

The intention of Mexican football to return to South American competitions

It is no secret that the teams, coaches and players have expressed a desire to return to South American tournaments, the main reason being the confrontation with the best clubs on the continent.

Inside CONMEBOL There are historic clubs from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the company, which can mean a fight between forces, the attraction for Mexican fans to go to the stadium.

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