Canada GP 2022 F1: Summary video classification

    The Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada Grand Prix 2022 classification has been tended and leveled with the second pole being the time of Max Verstappen. Fernando Alonso made the surprise for all with his second half and Sainz came third.

    Alonso corresponds to the Montreal circuit

    Fernando Alonso venía muy fuerte al Gran Premio de Canadá por lo se pudo ver en las ionss deetrenamientos libre. The classification in mojado no fue for menos and the pilot asturian logra agrees to prime for from Germany 2012 sail in primera filla in a grand premium. Además, make sure that the intentional adelantar in Verstappen.

    Max Verstappen log haserse with its second pole in the Canadian GP. The Dutchman is now impatient with the neural medium, having a pole of more than one decimal point with respect to the second classification.

    Carlos Sainz it does not have the capacity to pass through the third position, it does not have to slow down to reach the pole. The ultimate curve deprives the Madrid of a pole that bends with the yemas of your children.

    ¿Qué le pasó a Pérez?

    Sergio Pérez I only have a good opportunity to get a good position, but it will be released in Q2. An error that levies against the wall in curve 3 is finalized with all Mexican specimens to provide a better position.

    Junto a él está Charles Leclerc, since the Monegasque sabotage is the ante that the session is available. The Ferrari driver switched on the engine and only received a penalty that would have gone far beyond the fundraiser, but that only Tsunoda’s interest could be as strong as it gets south in Q2.

    Lewis Hamiltonthe multiple types that are British and even Mercedes cars by porpoising, have the classification in a very good position position that the hand can possibly take a number of points in the carrera.

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