Carscar Valdez vs Stevenson RESUMEN

Kur Shakur Stevenson is the king of superpowers! In order to exhibit solidarity, the stadium retains its OMB title and aggregates the CMB with the same value as Oscar Valdez at 117-110, 118-109 (2).

Round 12. ¡Se acabó! Stevenson’s the best of the lib 130 and no dude is now in Las Vegas, with the ultimate dominance of a valdez that replaces a lot of money.

Round 11. Or solde le queda salir por todo a Valdez. The stage is always superior to the distance from the pelvis and has no motive for changing within a few minutes.

Round 10. ¡A cigar jab! If you have any problems, Stevenson thinks that Valdez’s goal is to stop the hacker. It only takes a few minutes for the Mexican to reach the center of the CMB, save a mile.

Round 9. From now on Stevenson recovers the jab to complicate Valdez’s action, which has paved the way to fill the gap.

Round 8. Expect esperanzas for the mexican, who could not connect a solo goper of power, as if it were necessary to inquire into the stadium and to pay in the knockout, if only this year.

Round 7. The Mexican intentionally regresses the incubator and connects wells with golpes against a Stevenson that treats ventilation with distance.

Round 6. Valdez buscó atacar, pero en un descido lo mandaron a la lona. Nogales is desperate.

Round 5. Stevenson tries to get a kick out of Valdez. The mexican should be replanted a lot if it does not turn into a contingent pig.

Round 4. Stevenson will mark the distance and left the desperation to the mexican, to the degree that agarró el guante. This note is based on the superiority of the OMB monarchy.

Round 3. Valdez hizo daño con sus rectos; Stevenson’s part of the media, which you see as eluding the Mexican embassy, ​​which is clearly stated in the episode.

Round 2. Valdez connects to some of the most interesting goals in his rival’s lane areas. Estadounidense luce tranquilo con su jab de derecha, cual marka distancija, suffice para convencer a los jueces.

Round 1. Valdez intentionally breaks the distance, after Stevenson evidences that it is different from the inside. The Mexican is shot in one of the actions, as it has the ability to connect an interesting goal.

Asu fueron los minuteros anteriores

Santa Why which Santa Fe Klan did not comply?

The guanajuatense aclaró song that no pudo acompañar a Valdez, or that the song “Así soy”, the quality pensaba interpretar, habla of drug consumption, but because it participates prohibido.

Shakur no aprendió

Stevenson enters with a song of hip-hop and his lads, having no inclination to the present affirmations.

Valdez is the first to enter the ring

It is expected that the Santa Fe Klan will descend on Valdez’s lade, but the final box box will sound like a single quadrille.

Lo se se dijeron

In the panel you can play a video with the interviewers and the contestants in what they have to say about their opponents; result of the confusion and serenity of mexicano.

Listen to the Anthem of Mexico

When the stanzas are set, the choruses are set; hay una gran presencia mexicana en el MGM Grand. Enseguida se oye el de Stados Unidos.

All are listed for estuary incubation, in which the CMB and OMB titles of the superfluous weights are in play. Estadounidense part as a favorite in a packed 12-episode incentive.

Se canontraron Canelo y Chávez

The Mexican boxing giants coincide in the MGM Grand Arena dressing room. Do not have a cordial relation and do not want to record it at night.

Valdez counts the minutes

The first files are definitely defined, because there are long periods of descent that only serve to inquire more about the protagonists of the ester file.

Habló el César del Boxeo

Julio César Chávez, who analyzed the movie for Azteca TV, reconciled Stevenson’s pilgrimage, Valdez’s baggage and has a night owl in Las Vegas.

I Who sings the Mexican Anthem?

This has been interpreted by Pepe Gutiérrezparticipating in the LaVozMexico program, which comprises a corridor by Oscar Valdez.

Santa Fe Klan prepara una sorpresa

The guanajuatense song is one of the special invitations to improve the prevalence of Valdez vs. Stevenson.

Canelo vlvarez is in Las Vegas

Contrary to the habit, the indisputable nature of the Supermedia media travels through these three Las Vegas antelopes in preparation for the Dmitry Bivol ante May 7 close-up, which was approved by Ócar Valdez vs. Shakur Stevenson.

Complete and output cartels

  • Keyshawn Davis Vs. Esteban Sánchez

Davis has a great presentation to get the pelvis on its pavements in Mexico by technical knockout.

  • Nico Ali Walsh Alejandro Ibarra

The intention of Muhammad Ali was not to ascend the first asbestos of Ibarra, but for the best advertisement.

  • Raymond Muratalla vs. Jeremy Hill

Muratalla entered Venice by effectively knocking out three asphalts.

  • Andrés Cortés Alexis del Bosque

Courtesy of Alexis del Bosque knocked out and set his own record 17-0 (10KO’s).

  • Abdullah Mason Vs. Luciano Ramos

Mason fulminó en el primero a Ramos.

  • Troy Isley Vs. Anthony Hannah

Isley knocked on the second lane to Hannah and ran away invitingly 5-0, 3KOs.

  • Antoine Cobb Vs. Jaylan Phillips

Empate en las tarjetas.

For the supremacy of 130 pounds

Carscar Valdez (30-0, 23 KO’s) is the most important part of your car, but in case of triumph Shakur Stevenson (17-0, 9 KO’s) catapult the plans that are always therewhich is confirmed as the master of the superfluous weights.

In the papal, the mexican, vignette box of the Consejo Boxeo World Cup, part as victim to the monarchy of the Boxeo World Organization while the stampede stamp has been inserted into the opponents calados, having its presentations on each side.

Great night for the box from the MGM Grand de Las Vegas, the quality light a spectacular view to see a Valdez looking for to burn all the crotch .


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