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In which position as a reference center in auxiliary material, Casmu inauguration of a new one center of aesthetic medicine. Built in Francisco García Cortinas 2404, dentro of their installations Medis Groupthe center is created to meet the high demand that exists in the market in matter aesthetic treatments and offer the answer of an institution with more than 80 years in the service of the Uruguayans.

Facial and capillary procedures, attenuation and pathology of the skin such as acne, rosacea and melasma (manges) are common among the treatments offered by the aesthetic medicine center of the recipient.

“The treatments that are performed in the clinic are very invasive, are effective in the clinic, with outpatients and are a cargo of specialist doctors who offer an integral and personalized attitude based on the patient’s needs.” a cargo from the aesthetic medicine polyclinic, doctor Natalia Tula.

Among the procedures that the institution offers to support the application of decongestant mascaras and facial peels for patients with eye pathology. Peeling is one of the treatments that contribute to improving the clinical situation. The technique consists in the realization of an exfoliation of the superficial caps of the peel, which must recover the luminescence from the egg that is more tense and homogeneous.

“The procedures of aesthetic medicine result in an ideal complement to the prescription treatment by the treating dermatologist and contributes notably to the recovery of the eye”, added Tula.

Casmu inaugurates a new center of aesthetic medicine
Casmu inaugurates a new center of aesthetic medicine.

Tanto, plasma rico in plaques is a procedure used for cases in which the pellet is concentrated in a scaling process. The technology used is used to reduce arrows and movement signals.

In respect of treatments which contribute to the rejuvenation of the rostrum, botulinum toxin is one of the applied techniques, which permeates expression lines such as those appearing in the front or in the lower extremity, which are caused by repetitive muscle contraction away from the limbs. The toxin sample performs the colocation of injected particles with a fine needle in the treatment areas.

The application of hyaluronic acid is one of the techniques used before it is finalized. It is a natural, biodegradable and reabsorbable substance that can be used to correct the signaling signals in the mouth, even the most recent ones are the most profitable.

In this linear therapy, the technique of mesotherapy combines a combination of active principles – including retinoic, hyaluronic, vitamin, mineral and other acids – which are applied by means of injections into the superficial caps of the eye, which favors a global le otorga un aspect hydrated, luminous and rejuvenated.

This procedure is used to treat many types of alopecia. For these cases, microinjections are used as a means of heating the active ingredients, vitamins and substances that fight the debilitating effect of the hair. The application provides for the dissolution of the bag and the strengthening of the individual follicles.

Ultimately, permanent hair removal is another procedure that is at the disposal of patients and results in an ideal technique for cases in which they claim to be debilitating and eliminate the corpus and facial veil.

All treatments offered in the center are within load
dermatologists, chemotherapists and professionals at Casmu’s salutation have the capacity to burn patients at the same level, comparable to most other international standards.

You are oriented towards men as well as women, socializing or not from Casmu, and are recommended to teenagers, who try to experiment with hormonal questions, as well as adults.

When you want to reach out directly to the center and coordinate a quote with the specialist and get more information by calling 2487 3710 or mobile and WhatsApp on 092 135 254/094 672 648. You can also send an email [email protected] or access the website of the institution


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