Celtic Vigo Vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – April 2, 2022

Of the two Mexicans, only Orbeli Pineda played for Celta, who came on the field in the last ten minutes, and Nestor Araujo remained on the bench.

(EFE) – “Real Madrid”, which had just failed in Clasico before the international break, survived the attacks. Celtic Thanks to two goals scored by French Karim Benzema from the penalty spot in Balaidos, who missed one.

The victory, which has been severely damaged and controversial due to the imposition of maximum penalties, allows the white team to smooth out their project for the title in the face of the harassment of their pursuers. Although its advantage is wide, the slip could change.

The start was energetic. It: Celtic he took the ball from Real Madrid. His plan, with the Beltran compass, tied the leader. He moved the ball quickly, put pressure, avoiding the exit of “Real”. With less than ten minutes left, he warned with a shot by Aspas և with a long volley from Beltran. Minutes later, Dennis Suarez tried a concentrated shot Politethe decisive figure of his team.

Real Madrid took time to shake off the blue dominance. At home with Carlo Ancelotti because of the Covid-19, he waited to retreat to leave quickly. His idea was to counterattack. It was his dynamite. Benzema headed Lucas Vazquez’s pass into a small area, while Winnie Jr. did not finish Dituro with a pen.

with: Celtic Positioning himself well and controlling the match, Nolito made a childish mistake. he lost the ball near his territory և while trying to recover it, knocked down Milito. It was the first penalty kick in the afternoon. Benzema did not miss Nolito’s gift.

That goal relieved Real Madrid of the pressure, weakened and adapted their counter-attacking approach. At that time he had more territories in Balaidos. But: Celtic insisted. Aspas hit with a penalty kick, a shot that flew out of hand and ended with a great save. Polite

The pace picked up again with the collision approaching the break. Benzema He was the only attacking reaction from Real Madrid, the only one who had a chance. The Cudet team pressed. Galhardo hit Nolito in the center of the head after the ball first hit the post, but the referee canceled the goal by looking at the pictures of the game. WHERE?. Gonzalez Fuertes pointed out of the position for Aspas, who defended the ball released by Galhardo, making it difficult for Alaba not to enter the goal before removing the ball.

The second half started with a few arrivals from “Real”, with weak opportunities of Modric և Asensio. It was a dream illusion. back! Celtic with a more offensive approach. His formula: ball possession, transfer speed, vertical movements. The midfielders united, և The Aspas-Xavi Galan-Nolito trio finished the excellent combination with a goal. Aspas opened the left edge of Galan, he passed, and Nolito equalized from close range.

It: Celtic had a personality. He did not change his plan. He put pressure on the sometimes broken leader. Aspas was again close to the goal with a side penalty kick, the ball passed through the area without being chased by anyone.

And then came the referee role of Gonzalo Fuertes. He whistled the penalty kick in the 62nd minute, due to Murillo hitting Rodrigo. Dituro stopped Benzema’s shot. He whistled another penalty in the 67th minute to break Mandy. This time Benzema scored the winning goal.

It: Celtic he turned the last twenty minutes into an epic exercise of faith in search of an equalizer. He had a trade, not to despair. He did not lower his hands. He closed “Real”. But he hardly had a chance. They were approximations without a fist. And that scenario was a perfect environment for “Real”. defend և run, get out quickly, and Benzema as a base for others to close the counterattacks. Rodrigo և Ceballos tried several times unsuccessfully.

Huge efforts Celtic had no prize. He did not mention his domain. He drowned in the last meters without being disturbed by gunpowder Polite, again one of the best in Real Madrid. His superiority was manifested only in the last second of the game by Aidu’s header, which came out of the corner, which was not enough to upset Courtois, which symbolized Courtois. Real Madrid In Balaidos.

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