Centenary of the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, by Juan Franco Crespo

Commemorative cell of the Faculty of Medicine of Zagreb
The commemorative sale was designed by Alenka Lalic.

The precision of the centenary of the educational and sanitary institution is that my father-in-law is accompanied by the information of the Croatian postal service, which is in full capital, which conforms to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Yugoslav Republic.

The body (from a face value of 3.10 kunas, approximately average euro per sample), is followed by an escort work performed by Robert Franges Mihanovic and the one under the title Medicine. The design is by Alenka Lalic and the photo is by Marko Ercegovic. Commented on the 4th of December 2017 and printed in duplicate duplicates.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb has a really young history, all compared to other similar ones, apneas a sign of existence. However, if you are interested in learning about health care, you should check the data of Edad Media when it comes to stabilizing the practice of medicine and specializing in these things.

His academic career, in an official manner, concludes with the naval fiestas of Año Nuevo: the January 12, 1918 era.

The path of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the nations that initiate their entries, recognizes as Independent States tuvieron that engineers and doters of institutions of all types to give shape to the new political and social reality. In the case of medicine it is concretized in the parliamentary deliberations of Croatia, Eslabonia and Dalmatia. On January 25, 1917, Milan Rojc added to the current moment of the creation of the Faculty of Medicine in an academic and academic ban (Governor; the impressive state of being one of those people in the historic center of Zagreb, where the flag, the flame and the blade with a lint-free insert) and associate himself with the celebrity Ley University in his article 82. The accountability recited by Miroslav Cackovic, Dragutin Mases and Theodor Wickerhauser, who’s been selected to select the rector and to offer the corresponding professor.

In December the classes are started and the academic comedy, in official way, concludes the naval fiestas of Año Nuevo: the wind of the 12th of January 1918. In the first part of the lecture there are 63 discrete incisors of the aperture commentary on the celebrity master lecture by Drago Perovic which is based on “The academic direction in the scientific works in the field of anatomy”.

The first rector to carry the cargo safely and to fire one of its components to make it fall: Miroslav Cackovic, who saw impediment and acometer adapting the editions to the salad, at the same time that he was trying to make up for it all. staff involved in this essay, including the selection of professors to enter classes and form futuristic Croatian doctors.

Running through the screw, the institution demonstrates that the initiated initiatives and the two of their viability are atrocious, all the while commenting on the new horns of flaming doctors who are scurrying about the doctor to the great universities of the whole of the Habsburg Empire.

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