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Enhancement is one of the processes of the screw cycle, and since it tends to be relevant to the final stage, in reality, it is an arrangement of up to 30 years of age, as if we were a swimmer.

“Es un cellular envejecimientowhich does not have a degree of symptomatology, since every one of which has a declive of 10% of its functions ”, explains the doctor Carmen Sucre, specialist of Memory Center of Geriatric Specialties.

The embargo, the difference is in the fast or the fast, and it depends on the causes that cause the change in the body, the interior, the systems of public health and the style of personal life: whether organized or disorganized.

If you control chronic diseases with a good treatment, an adequate diet and exercise, the patient can be diabetic and take up to 100 years. “But if I have diabetes and I do not have a health system or my concurrence of the nurse is not clear, this term hastening the deterrent or the bankruptcy”, Indica la medica.

Geriatrics, according to Dr. Sucre, is a relatively new specialty, beginning with the XIX century, due to the health advances that have allowed the world population to expect an expectant mayor. También is one of the four spheres that are interviewed in the consciousness of the adult adult, junta with the social sphere, the autonomy and the physical functionality and the mental balance.

“It’s important to recall that envejecimiento is a dignified process, not a terminal stage in which it does not serve or tienes que aislarte. “(From the age of 65) it is an age in which it is most sensitive, the value of the screw, the cosines that do not come in the youth, the values, the time of the family”.

Suggesting preventive geriatrics, that is, people over 40 years old trying to save money a healthy, outgoing and dignified living, “like walking and walking, stable, making decisions; y, si tengo alguna enfermedad degenerativa, saber que cuando estuve bien yo decidí sobre esa enfermedad y que mi familia lo tiene claro ”.

The geriatrician explicitly says that he is currently working in a team, but with different complications that have major patients, not only healthy, but also social. “The problem can be solved, abandoned; that the door of the porch is empty because the visit is depressing ”; or, for the most part, causation, dejó de comer y tiene detnutrición.

The keys for a dignified screw, además a style of adjustable screw, are in the company, perm tampered with study and create something new, beautiful and recreational, which seals the screw that seals all the screw. “También hablamos de orientarnos en el espacio y tiempo todos los dias”. Value the ocular and auditory part. Tener dental checks. Now I have to go to the dentist, because the older adult does not need to have dental implants until the final screw or retrieval, to access the ideal food.

“También recomiendo much, when he is the chief, managing the spiritual part, before he is in tranquility.” It is important that at this stage the screw can be adjusted to a center in the screw recalculate estimation and share with contemporáneos.

The Memory Center (Urb. La Joya) offers long-distance and short-stay residence service, day care center and trailers for active maintenance in the third eda, trajectories of cognitive, psychomotor, and rehabilitation activities as well. “Reactivation (due to pandemic) has any connotations, with rapid onset of part of patients due to COVID-19 secretions“and with new protocols, but not so much coronavirus, there are many other respiratory and dermatological diseases that affect this population.” More information: 098-020-6949.

Colonia de la Tercera Edad (COTE)

From there, the Pro Senex Foundation for the Integration of the Vejez Foundation will be flooded with Colce de Tercera Edad (COTE) to offer a variety of laboratories, such as Canto Coral y el de Fomento Corporal (se inician el 15 de mayo).

In June, además, se reabre el Laboratorio de Danza Para Recordar. Abril is also available from the Laboratory Participatory Recreation.

Laboratory viene de laboratory. These are the laboratories of inquiries, but the mayor’s inquiries “, says Dr. Aldo Guevara D’Aniello, geriatrician and gerontologist.

Each module is operated with an instructor that works its way through the reunion, stabilizing the metas that try to align with the semen, middle and bottom. “The dance, for example, has the disadvantage that assistants integrate the Recorder Danzando group, which has 26 years of existence,” said Guevara.

The laboratories are working dos veces por semana en distintos horarios, para que, si alguna persona desea, pueda asistir a dos. The first requirement, says Dr. Guevara, is 60 or more years old. To get the rest, you can call 234-6747 or 099-951-3229.

Medicenger, at the Interhospital

For those who do not agree with the idea of ​​being in large groups, one made personalized or with a small group can be a good way to empathize and socialize actively.

An adult mayor recovers a personalized medicine in Medicenger, Guayaquil. Photo: Cortesía

Medicenger offers themes of different themes (now you are dealing with memory), sea of ​​individual form or for two or three participants. Next to the dissertation on el care of patients with Alzheimer’sin a funny way to the family: how to feed, how to treat, how to distribute the hours of life, explicitly the internist and geriatrician Gabriela Altamirano Vergara.

Each activity has approximate duration of duration. With physical activity and continent with exercises to improve memory, improve attenuation, orientation and perception. “When the patient is sick, he le hace un cognitive test, una prueba sencilla y rápida. The idea is to make a scale of cognitive detachment, and that our reference service to evaluate and conclude that it is a major punctuation or mantle ”.

Explain to the patient what is happening and what is being imported vaya acompañado de un cuidador, to present the exercises. The patient receives impress material, with the quality of which the patient is treated. “When complete with essay material, review and new evaluation, work and new content”. Dr. Altamirano explicitly states that only a few family members need an urgent guide para tratar con sus padres o abuelos; por eso, deben ser incluidos en los programas para la tercera edad. Phone: 096-985-7615.

Club Mitra 60, online and offline

Mitra 60+ is a creative recreation club for the integral bienestar of major people with specialized activities, in a unique space, with a professional multidisciplinary team.

“Our most prestigious programs are Quito de lunes a viernes, de 09:00 a 1: h30, y en Cumbayá los lunes y miércoles, from 09:00 to 12:30 d, says the director, María José Ollague. Pero también hay Mitra Online, with zoom in and out zooms in.

The alumni approach the disciplines of yoga in silos, zumba gold, arts and manuals, active mind, dance and motion therapy, body. Tienen talleres with special invitations, as well as celebrations lasting all the year.

It works like a virtual spatula exclusively during the pandemic, and now reappears with the salivary glands. “The controversy over conflict is infinite“, Says Ollague. “Viennese with depressive depression, and the exchange rate is mediated. You want to be motivated, and you do not want to be the only one who has a social space ”. Information: 099-523-1502. (F)

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