Chabelo sends a message to Día del Niño:

Xavier López
Xavier López “Chabelo” ordered a message by Día del Niño (Photo: Facebook / Family with Chabelo)

Chabelo new to your social networks to communicate with the public, you can and all your followers in the brand of Día del Niño.

This Saturday, April 30, Xavier López Chabelo volvió a su cuenta de Twitternews of the news used by the last vez in February, to send a short message to the las and nos to celebrate their day and tambien for their “cuates”, to import your edad.

“Feliz d aa a todos los cuates de todas las edades! Feliz d dela del niño! ”

Rapidly reciprocating patient requests from some of the followers, who recode any of the actor playing dominoes.

“Chabelo” felicitó a sus quates “de todas las edades” por el Día del Niño (Foto: captura de pantalla / Twitter)

C ¡¡Thank you for making me play a game !!!lingo dingos eras imperdible y si fuera niña otra vez, volvería a ver tu programa ”,“ No resuerdo ningún domingo de mi infancia sin Chabelo ”,Felicidades a usted también señorpor ser parte nuestra infancia ”, fueron algunos comments from the interns.

El tuit del Friends of all the people more than 27 miles “me gusta” and up to 700 respondents.

In the Día del Niño brand, the actor is willing to take an interview before publishing Carasin which it has the power of su retirotamper with its publicity by mounting on its coils and revealing that it extends beyond its spectators.

From December onwards 2015 se emitió the last program of Family with ChabeloXavier López did not regress to the girl pants with algún program, sino, but the counter, selects the reflectors.

“En familia con Chabelo” dejó de emitirs hace casi siete años, tiempo e el que muy pocas veces Xavier López ha vuelto a presentareve en interviewvistas (Foto: Twitter / @ Cuahtemoc_1521)

Ahora, the news has been sent to the television camerasthe insurance history that is in the best moment of your life and earning a healthy price.

“I can count on being healthy, and with an extremely fast at the moment (…) Me incuentro en el mejor momentodisfrutando lo mejor de la vida ”, dijo en la interview.

For other reasons, make sure that money is not the programs that are currently available on the television as much as you would like, even if you do not have familiarity with the familiarity, when different times of the Television catalog are determined to be generic, say: “I like much (ver) el futbol, ​​las películas y el box. What’s in addition to antenna television is that there are more family programs”.

Chabelo posó para
Postage stamp for “Caras” with Niío Day motif (Photo: Instagram / @ carasmexico)

And it’s out of the ordinary Family with Chabeloone of the most popular shows on San elngel’s TV shows, all family-friendly programs aired on Televisa.

For other people, do not feel “too unlucky” to follow the genius and recall that is near your public “It’s too much extra”but does not have the capacity to regress to television.

I mean, because they are, in fact, their children do not live in the form of enmity and familiarity that comes from it, but technology has it that las nuevas generaciones sean distantes.

“Pienso que the children of the antfrutaban more than the inside y familiar convivencia. Lamentably with the children of hoy día se crea un distanciamiento debit alo ussive de la Tecnologia”, Explicó.

“En familia con Chabelo” terms used between rumors and different versions of what Xavier López says on Televisa (Photo: Twitter / @ checovictoriag)

Approve to share what the divierten los memes that hacken respect for its age, when the entrails and applause of the ingenuity of those ideas, aggregate that lamenta not on the “immortal”, as the grace of these gracious images of the supon.

El Friends of all childrenat the end of the interview, confess that the gustaria is always recorded as something that is much more than your character and jamás “catafixiaría” algo de su vida.

Currently, López tiene 87 years old and live in the brightest house in the City of Mexico, allied with the chambers and company of Teresita Miranda, in the space.


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