‘Chalino’ Sánchez, 30 years old of the first tragedy of the Mexican region

or three decades del asesinato de Rosalino Chalino Sánchezel crimen sigue impunesu music y leyenda viva y su figura, junto a la de manyos m cs cantantes del regional mexicanoto form an identity in which to search.

Chalino ayudó a fijar desde dónde se enuncia el narcocorrido en Estados Unidos, aunque las historijas -la mayíara- surginan in Mexico, y ayuda al proces in the process of ‘remexicanization’ of the second and third generations of Mexicans who live all together “, Juan Carlos Ramírez-Pimientaprofessor of mexican literature and culture at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley.

Aunque Chalino Sánchez es apodado el “Rey del Corrido“, Ramírez-Pimienta aclara that he is not the father of the narcocorridos as a plant in occupations, because his labor and great radique in that quedó ese vacío y es cuando surge Chalino”, Menciona.

Born in 1960 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Chalino to envy adversities, between the forehead and the forehead of your father and his father.

With 17 years to go in the United States, there are a number of diversified jobs and a stable search engine, as well as a series of tragedies, but a series of tragedies that create the impulse to compose: the assassination of your brother Armando.

Without a privilege, but with a great talent in the composition, the producer Ángel Sánchez le dio a Chalino the opportunity to grab music on cassettes, with “El sapo” being the first theme to be marketed, from 13 materials that have been around since 1980 and were released in 1992.

You see it being built from the ground up, because Mexico is about to be sexually assaulted by its sister, who fired in the car with her first song, and when her brother Armando fired a “pollen” at the front and that includes drugs and drugs; without embargo, for Ramírez-Pimienta, all of which are available for purchase.

Chalino Sánchez Culiacán
People walking upstairs to an erratic cenotaph in the memory of the singer Chalino Sanchez in the city of Culiacán, state of Sinaloa. Photo by EFE

Dos lecturas de Chalino Sánchez

The corridor is nevertheless considered a violent genre in relation to the hazañas of criminal persons, not obstetric, the figure of Chalino and the perceptions that the music generated by the escuchan can be studied in one of two languages, the Mexicans in the United States and the Mexicans in Mexico.

Search for a narcissist in the United States is different from hacerlo in Mexico, the distance to the violence is much greater, but it is an ethnic renaissance. It’s a fantasy of three minutes when the Mexican is not in the middle of nowhere, it is vigorous, even if it is committed in the criminal part “, said Ramírez-Pimienta.

Considering that in Mexico the ethnicity is not ethnic, it is economical: “The pobres against the riches, the stories of the gentile who come from the nada hiccups ricos”, added the investigator.

Stigma and violence in Mexico

For the doctor in anthropology from the UNAM Institute for Anthropological Investigations, Edgar Morínthe narcocorridos are the “subcultural equivalent” of gangsta rap that results in figures as 2pac.

“The thematic masses, the misogyny and the hay that record that capitalism has all the mercantile air has the corridors of drug traffickers. It is the universe that produces a market that generates series, and subcultural expressions that are marketed, ”said Morín.

Tanto Morín as Ramírez-Pimienta consider that there is great probability that the assistants and artists of the regional Mexican genre will assemble a masterpiece of the impeccable violence from which Mexico is the victim and which are the only ones that have been severely crushed. and his music.

The media reproduce superstitious vegans, in order to revict and revisit these people, but as soon as possible they show an important problem that is now being treated by a bastard society and that the State that is guaranteed to guarantee the singers, periodicals and city dwellers, ”said Morín.

“Continental violence in the country is reflected in the corridors,” said Ramírez-Pimienta.

Aunque hay incognitas sobre el assesinato de Chalino Sánchez, Ramírez-Pimienta apunta al crimen organized as responsive. “Al salir de su concierto del Salón Bugambilias fue interceptado, lo bajaron de su auto, se lo llevan varios carros u aparece muerto, más allá de eso es speculacón”, finaliza.

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