Champions League |: The King of Europe beats the champion

It: “Real” Madrid once again shows its best version in Europe. With an impressive comeback against Paris Saint-Germain at the Santiago Bernabeu today, Carlo Ancelotti’s team stormed Stamford Bridge today to take the European champions to the conclusion that they needed to pour ink to get them out of the competition.

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“Real” came out on the field with individuality. meringue team Aware of what happened to the same opponent last year, he did not want to be intimidated, he was very involved from the first minute. It was strange to see the team as they came out on the pitch as their regular white socks were replaced by blue ones. However, Carlo Ancelotti’s students were very recognizable. They bit the exit of the “Chelsea” ball and counterattacked with great danger.

Thus, after arriving from the first place, when it was barely 28 seconds, the first shot was scored by Eder Militao. “Chelsea” was trying to control the ball and create dangerous moments, but it was impossible. “Real” Madrid was unwavering, the Londoners could not find a loophole.

In fact, the Ancelotti were clearly superior to the work in not leaving a millimeter Blue:. The pace was noted by Tony Cross and Luka Modric It was Fede Valverde who always provided the necessary dynamism to the midfield. The Uruguayan stole, made transfers, broke lines and became the constant focus of the problems of the European champions.


Vinicius reached the pinnacle of Fed Valverde և Karim Benzema’s sensational game, hitting the post in the 9th minute, but this was only White’s first warning. And the second was a goal. Vinicius excellently served Karim Benzema to make the score 0-1 with a sensational header, against which Mendy could not do anything in the 20th minute.

Exhibition of Karim Benzema

He could not do anything against the new blow of the French three minutes later. This time it was Luka Modric, who made a millimeter pass to the Frenchman’s skull, so that he could be transformed again in the form of Carlos Santillana, doubled the advantage. 0-2 in the 23rd minute was a result that even the most optimistic would not dare to predict that the goal difference could be increased with a header by Eder Militao (29 minutes) and a good game by Dani Carvajal (32). ‘), which eventually saved Mandy.

AND: When the guests were at their best, Chelsea was reborn. It was in the 38th minute when Hevertz put a good team move to the top, which ended at Giorgino’s feet. The Italian footballer served the talented German footballer perfectly to reduce the difference. Karim Benzema could have condemned the film in the 41st minute, but Karim Benzema deflected the perfect passes of Vinicius – 1-3.

Despite not having the best moment of the season, “Real” Madrid is obviously superior to its version of the previous year. Chelsea at the moment is not the same as last year. Despite the undoubted quality of his pieces, Thomas Tuchel’s team does not show the strength that made him win the European Championship. And it was revealed today. Whites know how to choose the right moments to grill all the meat. It happened in the return match of the 1/8 final against PSG, “it happened today”.

And just a few seconds after the resumption, “Real” Madrid hit again. Karim Benzema reappeared on the field to become the third for whites. Eder Militao sent the ball from his own area, which ended at Mandy’s feet. However, the French goalkeeper could not control him reliably and tried to bypass Antonio Rüdiger. The one who should be the next “Golden Ball” was there to take advantage of the mistake եց made the score 1-3.

There will be those who will criticize the goalkeeper’s performances in the game against “Real” Madrid. Nevertheless, It would be good to tell them that these things are not always accidental. Karim Benzema has an unusual mind, an instinct to feel where the ball will end up և to press at the right moment. It happened to Ulrich’s Carius. That’s what happened to Donnarumma’s Mendy today. Something will have water when they bless …

And it was not only Benzema. All the Real Madrid players were much more intense than their rivals. Despite the fact that they practically left Europe without playing a return match, Thomas Tuchel’s team could not take a split ball, և all the balls appeared on the meringue legs.

That was the case until Romelu Lukaku jumped on the field in the 64th minute and took Pulisic’s place. In the case of the 9th link, “Chelsea” started to be more fluid in the game, while the four teams of “Real” Madrid took a step back. He missed a clear chance in the 68th minute, տես Mountain saw that his long-range shot slipped a few seconds later.

The midfield was running out, և Eduardo Camavinga jumped on the field to relieve Tony Cross. With just over a quarter of an hour left, the news for the whites was unsurpassed. The last minutes stopped James’s long shot well, see Gareth Bale again, Danny Ceballos with an elastic meringue. Thus, the minutes passed without undue worry for the Real Madrid team, which ended much calmer than they expected. He had trained the lion in his own stadium.

With this mighty victory! Carlo Ancelotti’s team says very clearly that they take the title very seriously and present their credentials. He did it by defeating the champion and one of the big favorites. “Santiago Bernabeu” will make a verdict that “Real” Madrid has all the aces to reach the semifinals.

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