Chantajes (inútiles) a Biden

The telephone conversation between presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Joe Biden was characterized by two components, such as “cordial” and “constructive”. I do not think so, because it is a type of policy with no confrontation, because the relations between the two parts, as it were, are at a moment when the balance, but the asymmetric relation, is the oil of the United States. Biden has been very vocal with Lopez Obrador since he was censored in Washington and corresponded to the Mexican critics at home. The reason for this is the final policy of President Donald Trump to process asylum petitions in Mexican territory – entitled Title 42 – which coincides with the extraordinary increase in Mexican migration to the United States, which produces 221 miles. intentions in the last mes.

Biden does not want López Obrador to curb migration, which is the enormous part of the political-electoral term, and López Obrador did not want Biden to be one of them, and that he could not do that. On the short side of the plaza it is lined with water, but it is sealed with a herd of herds and crows. The synthesis of hello is the ambassador of the United States in Mexico, Ken Salazar, who has either been allowed – or even allowed – in the nationalist rhetoric about electrical reform, which is left or hidden in a group of secretive companies This state, Antony Blinken, which removes but does not establish defending its own interests, affecting the private sector.

Blinking increases the pressure, and Salazar does not modify the actuator, but confuses it in different sectors of the senses. Biden no cambia to Salazar quizzes about the razor blades that brake the commercial representative of Casa Blanca, Katherine Tai, when dealing with North American commercial acrobatics that denounce the electricity – or the negative of Ob theme with John Kerry, responsive of climatic exchange-, iba to impose aranceles a variety of products. Biden, agreeing with people who know in detail what he did in Washington, said that all relations with Mexico, only coordinated and supervised by Blinken.

Most las coses are transmitted differently to minimize daños. For example, the story of Casa Blanca, Jen Psaki, responds to the passages passed in the briefing about how Biden was surprised by López Obrador with the French reluctant to refute the migratory controls, saying that “there is no way to enfocaban” cosas, and that the esteemed President did not have amenazado in mexican “de ninguna forma”.

Use the word “amenaza” to describe what no Hido Biden puts in a record of Trump’s hizo in 2019 amenazar with the imposition of the French si no frenaba López Obrador centroamerican immigration, which includes amenaza and negotiation menos de siete d paraas para que el gobeerno mexicano cediera en todo lo que deseaba. Aquel momentum recorded by Trump hacking dumbbells in a political rally, which shocked the National Palace. Lopez Obrador’s response minimizes Trump’s words as part of a plant strategy by Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard to address the issue in detail, before the President gave him detailed information on topics that could be challenged by the President. and the public opinion.

Ebrard offered to share the information from Washington, D.C. At this point, López Obrador ceded to Trump’s pressure and acceded to sending miles of troops to the front with Guatemala to curb migration to the United States and Ebrard, after revealing the ambassador to Washington, Marta Bárcente, escalates the Mexican President-, the program “Quedate in Mexico”, which gives the title 42. Which other concessions hizo López Obrador to Trump in these times, are discredited, but preoccupied with the Mexican President, who miel que arroja sobre el polemico exjefe de la Casa Blanca cada vez que habla de él.

Public statements require context to include meaning. For example, in the wake of the migration policy, there is a growing concern in Washington that Lopez Obrador is not commercially sanctioned by Russia for invading Ukraine, although it is epidemic, but has been terminated as a result. of United States to increase its security capacity in cyberspace, which is why Russian hackers do not interrupt the North American abasement chain.

However, as Casa Blanca was informed in the policy statement, “reaffirms its vision to have the most competitive and dynamic world order”, and about “its objective parties” in economics, climate change or energy contradiction with the lips and positions of Lopez Obrador. In practice López Obrador is found in Biden’s antipodes, but he is also known as the President of the United States. Reveals the statement to the fact that its online conversion with the Alto Level Economic Dialogue, which has been ratified by one of its members in the City of Mexico ratified the reference mark of the bilateral relationship, has been submitted since September by the end of all these strategic nations of the United States, including the geopolitical acoustics of Russia and China.

It’s clear that López Obrador has his best friends. One is with Trump, because the alarm that causes his amenazadoras words in the National Palace, and the other is with Biden, after the President points out that he can chant without consistency. Biden’s prudence does not mean acceptance of his postures. We are here. The deja que dama qu que quiera, pero en lo fundamental, sigue apretando a López Obrador.

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