Charles Leclerc and Yuki Tsunoda, penalized for Canada

    It is speculated that Charles Leclerc’s winner of the Grand Prix of Canada will be penalized for this or that, or that most of the components that land in Baku are the third and ultimate, when the dude can recuperate for example lasted the year, which apparently is the one that lasts the most.

    First sanction for Ferrari

    Decéa Marc Gené, one of Ferrari’s official vocals, that the team does not follow the tracks about its rivals’ strategy, but that the latter has reached the last second to decide whether or not to follow a hypothetical sanction. Tanto, like the FIA ​​the permitye. Pero as all Ultimately in the Ferrari universe, nada salió as se esperaba.

    And the FIA ​​wants to publish the Ferrari notification on the exterior of a central third in Charles Leclerc’s vehicle, even if it automatically diminishes the first sanction before Maranello’s in just 10 minutes. , alpine solo with Alonso in the GP of Spain who have been penalized before, to train a unit of full potential through a small classification.

    One of which is that Leclerc’s sanction is based on using a new power plant, and Canada is one of the most efficient circuits to perform adjustment maneuvers, except that the Ferrari mounts all the new components as it should be. , si bien, the boys of Binotto with silent guarding their training books.

    Leclerc’s is not the only sanction at the end of the week for exceeding the component limit, which is confirmed by the Yuki Tsunoda limit limit, which exits a four-stroke internal combustion engine, as well as the MGU- H y MGU-K. The difference from Ferrari, AlphaTauri notifies the sanctions only as soon as it arrives in Montreal, possibly against the hypothetical sanction of Ferrari, which is the type of unilateral unilateral sanctions of power where the pen is on the right side the first selling notification being delivered to the domingo carrier.

    Bottas are limited

    The only part I didn’t enjoy was the weeding. not waiting for you to mark a time in the next session of limited training. Bottles have a tendency to mount the third of the four-legged commode that permits the FIA. It is one of those novels of this tempo, which does not exist in the boxwoods of the vineyards or in the carcasses to complete a cycle, even though they are open to a whole bunch of parts that have the potential of unity.

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