Charly López criticizes Paty Manterola’s action in Garibaldi’s revenge: “Creída, pesada”

Charly López reveals that Paty Manterola's activity changed a lot in her recent research (Photo: Instagram)
Charly López reveals that Paty Manterola’s activity changed a lot in her recent research (Photo: Instagram)

Darse game to know that Paty Manterola has no condition for restarting with Garibaldi’s computers and offer concerts as part of a new gira that commented on the past 16th of June in the 90s Pop Tourin the City of Mexico, now has information on the activity of the singer.

And it’s what it takes to be 20, Charly Lópezwhich form part of the group responsible for emissions as well Que te pongo y La ventanitaparticipates as a conductor invited into the program The first manodonde have your recent participation with the group in the City of Mexico Arena.

Durante su conversacije, el cantante recordó que Paty Manterola in a habia initiation solicited not present with Garibaldi in places where alcohol is, as part of an acuerre between the actuation and its space; without embargo, in the end the famous acceptance integrates into the group, the menos in the presentation of the exit gira produced by Bobo Productions.

“I was honest, and because I was very frontal, I was shocked at what I did and what I did not try to do in places with alcohol. The crickets garibaldis that we call enemies: ‘Bueno, la quitamos de esto, la abrimos de esto’, poros nosotros no podemos juzgar si está bien o está mal ”, comment on the empirical también.

Receiving reincorporating the tropical pop music band, Charly reveals that Paty’s activity is not ideal: “From my point of view, very personal, (is) how to build a wave, how to defend, how to, how to sing, how … y es mi hermana, hemos peleado durísimo, pero esta vez sí fue como: ‘Ya estamos maduros, vamos a tomar esto est madurez’. Quieres hacerlo, hacemos; no quieres, tampoco podemos obligatory a la gente ”, express Paty’s computer.

The ex-husband of Ingrid Coronado’s more all-rounder, due to Manterola’s professionalism, which has not been reported in the ensembles finally giving a presentation of the heightindicating that the sample is being sampled:

Charly López complimented Paty Manterola, who prefers not to act while in the alcohol market (Photo: Instagram)
Charly López complimented Paty Manterola, who prefers not to act while in the alcohol market (Photo: Instagram)

“It’s not big, it’s so clear, it’s very cordial, but is not the same Paty de antes, when we fly 35 years old“Because we are all in our carreras, we know our lives and we can not take the cards between the gitans”.

Before Paty Manterola definitively tries to reconcile with Garibaldi’s computers, penny clustering incorporated into the song Paola Toyos, which lasts long time form part of the band alignment. Fue asses that Paola enters in addition to Manterola and asses Charly explicitly:

“Hablamos claramente con ella, le dijimos: ‘Si se llega a un acuerdo con Paty, te bajamos’, se llegó al arreglo y lo entendió Paola”.

The band is present June 16 at the City Arena in Mexico (Photo: Instagram / @ garibaldilive)
The band is present June 16 at the City Arena in Mexico (Photo: Instagram / @ garibaldilive)

Without embargo, there is the possibility that tanto Paola as Agustín Aranawhich form part of Garibaldi and are allowed to roll over in the actuation, incorporating the individual weight of the band.

“Possibly between Paola and Agustín for the sake that we carry nosotros as an individual group, in palenques, for those who in place of seis, seamos ocho”, destacó.

Apenas on the principles of junior, Charly había hablado al respecto y ya daba por hecho que Manterola no estaría en los concerto de la banda.

The most interesting part of Garibaldi's biosphere planning (Photo: Instagram / @ charlylopezgar)
The most interesting part of Garibaldi’s biosphere planning (Photo: Instagram / @ charlylopezgar)

Singing the argument, however, that as a group it is acceptable and considering that every integral is a piecemeal in Garibaldi, there are certain entones that Paty is not in the giraffe.

“Nosotros, the Garibaldes, we have the decisiveness that does not taste like nosotros. La amamos, hay partes que each one of us is like a boat, but we are not indispensable (…) and the net is what’s going to do, in your perception that being in Garibaldi does not fall on a pole or in a public theater where, because he says he has alcohol(…) a mí, en lo particular, me suena muy raro”, Express entonces.


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