Check Cheka Pérez by car in F1

The name of Sergio “Checo” Pérez has resonated a lot in the last week and is not for men, it is one of the pilots more important and popular than Formula 1. The tapestry is empty well above the number of Mexico tracks the first place in the Granio Premium of Monaco, one of the most prestigious and important carriers in the world automovilismo. Pero has preguntado ¿Cuánto gana por carrera?

Thank you for your destructive actions, Red Bull Racing, scudderia that the file in 2020, renovate the contract “Checo” for more than 2 years, which does not mean a significant amount al mexican pilot sino un aumento en el sueldo que percibe.

¿How to get Checo Pérez by car in Formula 1?

It is important to note that el sueldo de los pilots de la F1 is an agreement between the body that the patrons and the conductors. Además, in each contract the bonds are stabilized by yielding to each of the carriers. This means that la Formula 1 no otonga ninguna compensation economic to camp.

Setting the front, and matching with Racing News 365, then Checo Pérez fue fichado por Red Bull Racingit is estimated that comedy ganando cerca de los 5 million euros anuales. It has passed and tracks 23 times in this time, el piloto recibió un ingreso de alrededor de 4.96 million eurosyou get one 115 million Mexican pesos, because the carpet is made of recycled car 5 millones of pesos, this is a media publication The Sun..

Game against any proprietorship, and pursues a car race, Checo Pérez crowned as the Grand Prix of Monaco, Helmult Marko, asesor de Red Bull Racingdecidó apostar por el mexicanp para tenerlo en sus filas 2 años más, lo that implic a unumento en su salario.

Photo: instagram @schecoperez

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How much does Checo Pérez’s contract with your contract renovation?

Acquired with Racing News 365, then salario that offer escudería a Checo Pérez fue de 2 million euros.

Records that, as of August 2021, a contract extension at a time of more than 8 million euros per annum will be required. It is decided that there is no speculation that el mexican pilot percibirá un sueldo between 10 and 11 million euros a year. No obstante es important menzionar que ni la marca ni Checo han confirmed the information.

Photo: instagram @schecoperez

Extra items by Checo Pérez

Without embargo, Checo no solo percibe ingresos de Red Bullmade by brands such as Telcel, Telmex and recently Kavak. After your victory in Monaco it is probable that other companies will search for piloto para que sea su imagen.

Por si fuera poco, the image of Checo It can be rented and you can buy gratis from an informant Zoomph pues, desde aquel domingo 29 de mayo que gana la carrera en Mónaco, y hasta el 31 de mayo, sus redes socialia com Instagram, Facebook y Twitter generates 3 million reactions, but it is calculated that the generators generated by these platforms run approximately 2 million dollars.

Photo: instagram @schecoperez

Checo Pérez is one of the pilots with F1 gear

Although the digits that the Mexican parezcan maneuver is most consistent, the reality is that Checo Pérez are not the best paid pilots in the Formula 1. The carpet, with the sole of the sole Red Bullapenas ocupa un lugar en el top 10 de los mejor remunerados.

Those occupying the first positions are the Spanish Fernando Alonso, who have a fortune of between 17.5 and 20 million euros per year; the second place was left by Max Verstappen who claimed to be the scapegoat Checoper with a balance of 25 million euros annually.

No obstante, el piloto best remunerated by F1 is Lewis Hamilton who claims to be the driver of Mercedes and has a contract with at least 2023 with an annual entry guarantee 35 to 40 million euros.

Now you know what’s going to get out of it Checo Pérez swimmers because it is now important to always be the first on the podium, you can not only play with the best on the track that a champion can make the difference to renovate a contract and negotiate the balance.

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