Check out my sister after 30 years of searching, but I love her

Steve Ellis

Fountain of the image, Steve Ellis

Photo pie,

Steve Ellis.

In the summer of 1988, Steve Ellis received a striking notification that the repatriation lasted more than 30 years and was nowhere to be found.

Steve Ellis establishes his work in the magazine’s offices Bell in London, where the card is. Only a stamp of Halifax and Steve reconciled the letter of meditation: the era of your mother.

“Querido Stephen, no he estado orgullosa de mi pasado y, a veces, todavía me duele mucho”, comenzaba la carta.

“Creme, nadie sabe la angustia que he pasado durante muchos agos. La gente nos perdonó a mí ya él por lo que hicimos, y te puedo decir que lo mís dififars e perdonarse a unmismo”.

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