Chicharito Hernandez, Gerardo Martino հայտարար The crossroads of announcements around the Mexican national team

Javier Chicharito Hernandez continues its good scoring momentum in the Premier League (MLS). Opposite: The Mexican from the Los Angeles Galaxy has scored four goals in five games of the current season, noting a Los Angeles’s 1-3 victory over the Portland Timbers this Sunday.

Although good numbers Chicharito started last season, scoring 17 points in 21 fights. His name was not taken into account for inviting Gerardo “Tata” Martino to the Mexican football team.

was in In September 2019, Hernandez was last included in the Tricolor gathering. In fact, the best striker in the history of the Aztec team scored a goal with a 3-0 victory over the USA, In a game in New Jersey.

Chicharito Hern

They have passed more than two years և endless announcements on both sides. Neither the injuries nor the low efficiency of the other Mexican strikers opened the door Chicharito, who does not lose faith in wearing Tri’s shirt again.

On: October 2020 Martino was clear About not calling Hernandez, who did not live his best moment. “We realized that Ralph (Gymnasium), Alan (Pulido) and Henry (March) were the ones who had to be here.”

At that time, the attacker assured that he would continue to work to earn a place. “If I am not on the list, we must continue to work so that it reappears և because I was not invited, I have no choice but to wish the team the best. ”

Just two months later, in December 2020, Tatan told ESPN: “Nobody plays because he is the historical striker of the national team, who does not keep you or keeps you for a while, “But that is not enough for you forever, because if we do not, we will call Hugo Sanchez; otherwise we can not call him.”

Note that at the time Chicharito is not having a good time face to face goalkeeper. “Regardless, I do not want to enter into the analysis of your moment. In the galaxy, which is also associated with team momentum “It did not work out well for him,” the Argentine coach added.

In early 2021, Martino spoke with LA Galaxy about level number 14. “We have to do something for the players. In this case, for Javier we will do what we can, I do not know how much we can do about the evolution that Javier can have, I think this has more to do with his work in the Galaxy. ”

Chicharito Hern

A new call came in May 2021, along with that Javier Erndes’s one absence. “About: conflicts that may occur with a player that may keep him away from the national team “Under no circumstances will it be a topic that I am going to explain publicly,” Martino said during the interrogation.

“Javier is not on this list because we have selected other central strikers, but that does not mean he can not be called up at another time,” said the strategist, missing the opportunity.

The announcements were responded to by Javier Erndes, who maintained his position a few days later. “I have to keep turning him around, there is no other way, there is no way. It’s not something I’m in control of, I have always said that it is an honor to wear a green shirt “But hey, the truth is that I was very lucky in what I went through,” he told ESPN.

“It is a topic we have been talking about for a long time. Others do not even depend on me to speak, because I am not part of it, now I’m a fan, I’m not a player. And Tatan, ես me we are already tired of this because the reality is clear. “I am not in the national team, we have to accept that, nothing happens,” he added.

Chicharito Hern

It was in June 2021 that a small light was shed on the Chicharito-Gerardo Martino relationship. The youth team of Guadalajara has been included in the preliminary application for the Golden Cup of the Mexican football team. The name appeared next to it Monterey striker Rogelio Funes Mori receives letter of conquest as mexican.

“Always it’s an honor to have your name on it in any list, but it is still a preliminary list, we still have to see և decide և when the final list arrives, we can talk about it if my name appears there. “I did not talk to Tata (Martino) at all.” Hernandez said at a press conference.

“Will be I am very arrogant and unwise to take the place of calling, talking or calling. “Everything is very clear: he is the leader, the boss, the decision-maker,” he continued.

Finally Hernandez was not included in the final list, unlike Funes Mori, who eventually challenged the competition. The striker of “Ryados” has scored three goals in the six games he has played.

Chicharito was again the theme of the Tricolor in October 2021, after that Martino assured that it was his decision not to take him to the polls.

“The decisions that depend on the president are the president, the decisions of the sports director are on the sports director, and the coach’s decisions are on the coach, that’s why we work so well. together. In this case, The decision is complete from the coach, from the specific topic they asked me (Chicharito). “

Chicharito Hern

A month later, the triple player of the World Cup made another announcement. “I do not know what you are talking about. As a player, I continue to find the best way to earn a place And the coach decides or who should decide there. I do what is mine. “My head is playing a strong game on Sunday in this institution, because if I am a player of the national team, if I do it again, I will speak. For now, I’m a fan, I always wish the best to the national team.”

Hernandez’s last speech was made last February, talking about it next world championship in Qatar in 2022

“It’s not that I’m satisfied or not (from not being called). I will continue to do what is in my hands as a footballer, do it with the best horse, the rest is not in me, It’s not that he is full or tired. I have been a fan of the national team for several years, we wish them the best so that they can win a ticket to the World Cup, perform well, I hope, as I always said when I was part of the national team. “I do not take into account now whether reaching the fifth game and being a world champion, whether it is or not,” he commented to ESPN.

along Mexico scored 17 goals in 14 games in the octagonal final and scored more than two goals in only one game. Or at some point? El Tri has scored only one goal in three games, Chicharito Hernandez was not taken into account.

Chicharito Hern

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