Chiste que hizo que el esposo de Gloria Trevi arremetiera contra Chumel Torres

Fue un “chiste” el que se aventó Chumel Torres about Gloria Trevi the one who knows that is the space of the singer, Armando Gómezstanding in opposition to the communicator which normally results in controversy over its critics or thugs.

Chumel’s publication states that “Gloria Trevi did not sing anything, but TRATA”.

In 2000, Gloria Trevi was sent to the junto a Sergio Andrade bajo los cargoes of rapto, violation and corruption of minor. How to get rid of prickly pear and get rid of cargo.

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Among the respondents and their respective publication by Armando, the TRevi branch since 2009, which is described.
“Caballero is the subject of the woman who offends the hour that comes to you or to the Indian algae, it is aberrant and penniless in the room where you (a) Gloria Trevi and you have miles of Mexican women who, like you, have a decent salary of tanta violencia of genre and of tanto abuso ”.

There was a great deal that Armando’s contest that was already in the amara, so he did not “olvidar” the passage of the song “A quién le importa”, against which Armando responded.

“¿Y a usted le consta? Vivimos muy en paz y muy bendecidos. Do not leave the pastels on and take the time and use fine products in your pastels so that they are screwed in and out of the ganas! ”

Following Chumel’s message, the abbot and father of Gloria’s external shadows.

“(…) I inform you that Gloria Trevi is absolutely absent by el Supreme Tribunal for the Justice of the Nation of Mexico. ¿What is the meaning of the absolute word? Me gustaría de todo corazón that dieras buen uso a tus platforms y no las utilices ”.

I am convinced that Gloria is not alone, because she’s a member, and Chumel’s record that “hay leyes tanto in USA as in Mexico”, labeled president Andrés Manuel López Obrador ya su esposa, Beatriz Gutiérres Müller.

“I hope that this president will assassinate some media outlets and pseudo-periodicals who abuse media outlets.”

Among the comments are the high-profile publication of Trevi and others who record their first shadow with Sergio Andrade, Ana Dalay, born in 1999 and who fell short of being tragic in Brazil, in a tragic way.

Armando también menci in his publications on Pati Chapoy, one of the claims by Gloria Trevi igual that Azteca TV in 2009 by levare a cape a “campaign of despair” in its contra, but that the abogado refirió that only Chumel as Pati deberán sostener sus declarations con pruebas.

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“How can it be that Pati Chapoy’s seas are being stolen at the moment… they are absolutely all documented within miles of the test. I only want to notify you that my space and my mind are in a minor

Dicha demand from Trevi to Azteca has not resulted in the death of a child, except in a recent interview, Gloria Trevi EL UNIVERSAL.

“I have a lot of pain and I have a lot of resources. Hemos ganado todas las instas y yo quisiera que pudiera haber esa opportunidad de poder estar en la corte dane ya se manparin las cosas, que la gente deje de echarle la culpa a la mujer. I do not have a lot of ganas to try to cycle for perdonar, but I do not perdonado, pero necesito que me pidan unka disculpa también ”.

The artist’s story is that Chumel has a “repulsive” behavior that people like “cataloging the Mexican woman as abusive, that proves a microphone and social networks to start violence”,
Even now Chumel has not competed in Armando’s posts, and has been tempted to sabotage all legal action

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