Chivas prepares a ‘bomb’ of DT to supplement Cadena – Francotirador


Contrary to what happens in the Nido, when the Tano Ortiz is practically attached to the steering wheel with the projector removed, in the red carpet, Cadena has not been able to reach the opportunity of being like an intern, but it is very easy to find hizo con Chivas.

In addition, I note that Ricardo is not the direct candidate for the directive at the helm of the proximal turnstile; much to depend on how Encare el Repechaje y siene después la Liguilla.

To be sure, the internship search is all over Guadalajara, as they have options before making their decision from the club’s robe blanket a cul-de-sac is final. Van por una bomba. Así as lees.

First of all, comment that Michel Leaño is almost sure as an asset and is adding Peléez with one of the most popular options for Mexican football. It is free and no solitaire has the number yet tenorlo best amarrado. Silo te adelanto que posible que veamos a hielera rojiblanca en el Akron.


Have you heard of the pastor of Chiverío, ¿When did you find the account that Lillini offered to sing? The result is that the team is just as insistent as the one who hired an offer from Universidad technician to accurately rival Repechaje, Chivas.

Through the sunrise directive contest with a rotating ‘no’, and no porcelain no powder on the option, Lillini is a specialist in seeking and discovering the potential of Mexican juvenile talent, vital to Rebaño, which is why he established himself in the negotiating table with the Pumas directive and no query meters. Nomás para que sepas, as ‘cultural choice’ pues.


Why not play Fair Play in Repechaje? Claro que sí: Pumas pidió a Chivas no poner su partido en sábado, sino domingo, para darles un día m des de descanso por la Final de mañana en Seattle, y el Rebaño no tardó en contestar: pero cómo no, querido amigo.

Guadalajara’s run with Doña Tele’s armor without problems, can Televisa have Canelo’s footsteps in the field, and in place of encadenarla to have a higher rating, accepting the duel of the duel. How the Aztec trains the Mexican plateau in Las Vegas, opting to move Puebla-Mazatlán to the dome.


Tremendo torneo de Pachuca. V Did you find that you qualify Liguilla in too many categories? Including Femenil. Pues solo el America lo logró también.

The exchange that takes the group’s direction, from the deportation head to the technical of the first team, the 10 year olds.

Please note that Almada is only available when visiting the restroom, but does not approve of the Torreón club’s structure, especially for deportation teams. The result is that Uruguay gets caught in a rut and does not have any of these recommendations in the studios of the specialist team. In particular, because of the case of Huevo Lozano, who forged the strategy and the term tronándolo, which is not part of the group. Se agrandó, se llenó de poder. How to enter the directive, decidieron dejarlo ir.

Now Tuzos lo aprovechan y solo resta advertir que deben irse con calma con el charrúa, para que no se crezca y se coma al equipo.


I do not think that Tuca regó gacho el tepache con Juárez to accept a team without legs in the head. In order to do this, you need to be the last to enter the curriculum as a discount.

Even if you play the game by Bravos, you have to pay 80 melons per ball from the fund, you can find that it has a maximum of 50, which accumulates 130, and the result is that in one of the seminars you pay double.

All the legal show of BUAP against Mendivil, which administers the final and participates in the franchise sale in Alejandra de Vega and on the other hand, the Texan oilman Paul Foster, the result of which is given by the resolution in favor of the university poblana, y con eso, the club’s frontier deberán saldar’s goals that pay off: nomás 10 millonsitos dolarucos. More than 330 Mexican melons in less than a year. Ahí nomás.


Aunque el Tri no va a volver a jugar en un largo, largo rato en el Azteca, porque no habrá despedida en la CDMX antes de Qatar, Doña Fede no quita el dedo del renglón para conseguir un sparring europeo, similar to Polonia, primer oponente in the World Cup. There are no solid candidates, but Tata Martino does not expect to be summed up in one of the Continent Viejo. Veamos.



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