Christian Nodal joined Cazzu during his concert in Spain

(Photos Getty images - Instagram Photo: @cazzu)
(Photos Getty images – Instagram Photo: @cazzu)

Christian Nodal y Cazzu volvieron a aparecer juntos durante el reciente concierto que rapera argentina argentéc in Spain, where Belinda actually resides. As the wind blows, the images that the interpretive masses share in their social networks are summed up by the controversy that turns on the lathe and its subsequent romance.

After four months since the Mexican singer confirmed her sentimental rupture with Belinda, her amorous screw was sure to be heard. Durante primers días de junio se viralizaron unas imjenge donde apparatus tomado de la mano de Cazzuinterpret argentina that is positioned in the taste of the public with themes like Mucha data, Nada, Matatan, Las nenas, Turra y Gatster Gangster.

Singing cantabers caught miminras caminaban by the streets of Antigua Guatemala and it’s more likely that the además’s attention to the mano apparition will fade as the regional Mexican performer interprets its best sonrisa to its fans, who do not hesitate to grab their incentive and share it in social networks. From now on, you will be able to comment on your news, as well as embargo, Has the missing moment of the dos been confirmed or discarded without any information.

(Photo: TikTok / @ jassgrajeda23)
(Photo: TikTok / @ jassgrajeda23)

While the singers have been procuring the margins of the situation, a few hours after the rumor about their romance being more powerful and what he posts some very special Instagram stories that rapidly communicates with your followers. Watch these short videos downloaded from el backstage del concert that Cazzu offers in Barcelona on June 9th as part of the festival Primavera Sound.

Christian Nodal takes the lead in making the Argentine concert work from a privileged place, at a low cost. The images that are shared with your 10 million followers on Instagram can be seen in Cazzu Brilliant in front of miles of people interpreting one of their songs.

The Mexican solo accompanies the image with its classic green color emoji, a hand, handles and a car, a favorite animal of the singer.

(Captura: @ nodal / instagram)
(Captura: @ nodal / instagram)

Place Cazzu apparatus, which does not show the interpretation of Botella tras botella but confirm that established in Barcelona. Although there are new images, which rapidly viralize in social networks, do not appear juntas, the sound of which is embodied in the masses bet that before the alien interns applaud this romance.

Pero no solo eso, también recordaron that Belinda is living in Spain: “Asod presume Nodal in Cazzu to assist one of their competitors in Spain”. “Belinda lives in Nodal y Cazzu de la mano in Spain”. “Pobre Cazzu, Nodal nada más le va a durar tres días”. “Nodal paaseando bien feliz con Cazzu ”, fugeron algunas reakciones en Twitter.

(Captura: @ cazzu / instagram)
(Captura: @ cazzu / instagram)

Record that rupture with Christian Nodal Belinda in Spain. It is speculated that the shooting range of infantile telenovelas would have been set to return to its natural state by its momentum, without embargo, when it was explicitly stated that its sentimental coincidence coincided with the beginning of its subsequent robberies. Welcome to Edena Netflix series that marks its return to action.

Yo soy española, nací en Madrid. You can return it if you want to cause illusion because in the end you will always return home”, Declare in an interview for Mega Star FM.

Tento mintras, the rumors about the new Mexican romance are among the main tendencies of social networks. From Nodal y Cazzu to tuvieron the opportunity to share scenario in Mexico, where cantaron Si te falta alguienfavorite theme of argentina.

Photo of Belinda on the island where you grab
Belinda’s photo from the island where “Bienvenidos a Edén” is written by actor Guillermo Pfening. (Captura: @belindapop, @ guillermopfening / Instagram)

“Be, la verdad, la pasé súper bien. How to get a surprise in the green, or not just planed, or only to see the show y surgió as repente cantar juntos. I sang my favorite song, and I liked a lot of the music”, Dijo.


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