Christian Nodal le lanzaron hielos in pleno concert: “Sácalos y págales su boleto”

Christian Nodal blows the lanzaron hielos into one of his most recent concerts in Bolivia

Christian Nodal continent in the middle of the controversy, while the regional Mexican singer has a lot of excitement when visiting Bolivia, which is the end of the week to be presented in concert as part of Forajido Tour.

And what is the sequence, Nodal habría demorado’s start of his presentation in the Real Santa Cruz State, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, on Saturday, June 18, starting with your concert with various minutes of rest, even if habría provoked that algunas persons of the public se molestas when the singer sonores at the beginning of his life show between sentiments found.

And there are some videos circulating in the social networks that can be watched from the new Belindthe arrows come from the first strands of the lateral part of the scenario which are divided into hibernate cubesbecause most visibly, Nodal exige that vayan quienes lo agredieron y les sea devuelto the cost of your ticket.

“Sácalos a la ching * da y págales lo de su boleto, I do not have hibernation because I respect it ya mí no me están respetando … respeten por favor ”, se le escucha decir al cantante de Ya no somos ni seremos in one of the videos of the presentation that circulates in the curves.

Posteriorly, the ganador del Latin Grammy keep up with the presentation and promotion of your fans as you enjoy their enjoyable words with applause and euphoric grits.

The incident struck the night owl, Nodal tenia previsto brindar otro concierto is domingo 19 junewithout embargo, el show presented in La Paz, Bolivia, canceled debut “by contract inclination” at various times to comment on the spectacle.

Recently Nodal visited Guadalajara and stayed with the Fernández family.  Mariana and Vicente Jr.  share with sonorense in El Brosco cafe (Photo: Instagram)
Recently Nodal visited Guadalajara and stayed with the Fernández family. Mariana and Vicente Jr. share with sonorense in El Brosco cafe (Photo: Instagram)

The company JG Music has published a communication stating that the interpretation of “marriage” does not support the presentation in the capital of Bolivia:

“The presentation presented for the day of the domingo June 19, at the Rafael Mendoza Stadium in the city of La Paz, the singer Christian Nodal with you Tour Forajido which canceled by contract inclusion. “We want to communicate that we are fully accountable to the artist or company that represents it.”

Nodal protagonist a rencilla against J Balvin, which terminals in one
Nodal stars in a joke against J Balvin, which ends in a “tiradera” for this Colombian (Photo: (YouTube clip capture / Christian Nodal // Instagram capture / @ jbalvin)

The announcement generated multiple comments from the public on their social networks following the recurring calls from caborquense: “And what can we say about Colima’s concert? No nos han dado ni unla sola explicación, fue un robo eso ”,“ Así pasó en Querétaro, cuando te devuelven el dinero no recuperas todo tu dinero y se me hace injusticeo como fan ”,“ Ese Nodal is the artist who has the most contracts ‘fallidos’ a national level of all Mexican regional ”.

Nodal is present at the end of the week in Bolivia (Photo: Quartoscuro)
Nodal is present at the end of the week in Bolivia (Photo: Quartoscuro)

Tras ello, este lunes the bolivian police detuat four people sospechosas de stafa luego de la chancelacón del show which debut realizes the end of the week in La Paz. “We are in the first investigations, hay quatro detenidos, entre ellos un empresario de nacionalidad peruana. We are investigating the degree of culpability ”, said a Radio Panamericana Colonel Rolando Rojas de la Fuerza de Lucha Contra el Crimen (FELCC) in La Paz.

In an interview with the static TV Bolivia TVVice President of the Derechos of Usuario and Consumer, Jorge Silva, indicates the moon that a Dreams Productions “They are accustomed to being beaten with multiple victims … and we intend to ensure that all guarantees are provided for the development of the diner and its consumers that have been approved ”bulletins. Silva explicitly stated that the first information given that the company could not be combined with the salary of an adelant who had solicited the representatives of the artist.


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