Cirujanos Medical College celebra eleciones

Este dingo 01 de mayo the meds of Puerto Rico eligen nueva junta directive.

Dr. Roberto Pérez Nieves, cirujano and aspirant to the presidency of the Cirujanos College of Physicians and Dr. Carlos Díaz, Cardiologist and aspiring coach of the presidency of the College of Medical Cirujanos. Photo: Cortesia by specialists in the Journal of Medicine and Salud P .blica.

al Cirujanos Medical College of Puerto Rico celebra unas nuevas eleciones is domingo 1 mayo, with the platforms emerging from the mass structure that lo dirigido durantos últimos años, a cargo del Dr. Víctor Ramos, pediatrician.

It is the collective that was founded in 1994 by Ley 77, which is the best medicine in Puerto Rican medicine, thanks to its specialist doctors. For a while, Dr. Roberto Pérez Nieves, a prestigious circus, who practiced in the battlefield during the war to invade the United States and Iraq.

El Dr. Pérez Nieves is from Arecibo and studies at the Ponce School of Medicine. Work at Brooke Army Medical Center in Quemados. I specialize in plastic surgery in Texas and regress to Puerto Rico in 2005.

Perez Nieves’s colleagues describe him as an honest, effective and disciplined doctor devoted to his military formation. Sending young people to participate in the battlefield took first hand auxiliaries and medical assistance to the herded soldiers in the battlefield with traumatic herds related to the war, the ball or the metal barrel.

Fue allí donde Pérez Nieves recibióc diverse reconocimientos por e assistance assistance efficiently controlling the sangrado and prescribing lesiones more complete among the soldados.

Mientras, el Dr. Carlos Díaz studied at the School of Medicine at the University of Puerto Rico and specializes in medical training at Veterans Hospital, in internal medicine and cardiology.

El Dr. Díaz is the current vice-president of the College of Physicians Cirujanos, accompanying on the paper the current president and running for vice-president of the Collegiate Medical College of Puerto Rico, Dr. V Ramctor Ramos en las eleciones pasadas. Hecho, hicieron pareja in the presidency and vice-presidency of the institution during the current mandate of the Junta of Directors.

El Dr. Díaz has been a constant force in various medical organizations and faculties such as the College of Physicians, the ex-officio Tribunal of Physicians, the procuring patient, the faculty of Pavía Hospital and the partisan politics of the intentionally incumbent Popular Democratic Party in San Juan.

Interesting result that both candidates are specialists and very close to their flags more coincidences than differences. The embargo is one that predominates, Dr. D propaz offers a forensic investigation into the arches of the College. The current opposition, which has so far been allied with the Junta movement, qualifies the audience as a “dog expedition” and a contradiction in the decision-making process that puts Diaz in the vice-presidency.

But it is not the first time that the intensity and storms of the camp by the presidency of the College of Medicine have been amenable to this type of audience as they now apply the results or terms in fundraising scandals.

This Magazine presents the most relevant candidates’ candidatures commenting on Dr.’s platform. Perez Nieves:

1-. Contributing Decree: Make sure that the decree of contributing excuse is available to all doctors.

2-. Medical Impericia: Lograr integral reform of the empire as balls, descriptive terms, specialized halls, other places; be sure to name the members of the panels.

3-. Advance Advance: Provide major assistance and company support to doctors. No indigenous medicines are allowed without a screw on the service of the night owl.

4-. Medical plans: Fiscalize and lubricate against the atrophels of the medical planes. We seek to ensure that they are allowed to operate as sound providers.

5-. Ayuda’s Colleagues: Offer financial accessory courses free of charge only varied from year to year in various parts of Isla.

6-. Licensing Junta: Assist and collaborate with the Licensing Junta to improve the efficiency of the processes and facilitate the guests who perform the body essay medicines.

7-. General practitioners: Explain that permission is given to general practitioners to evaluate patients in order to use the impedance carnet.

8-. Communication: Explain and search mechanisms to find the best communication and exchange of ideas between all the medical faculties of the hospitals of Isla.

9-. Federal Funds: We continue to work in Washington for all federal health programs to compensate medically.

10-. Credentials: Create a central certification system in CMCPR, all for medical planes as well as for hospitals. Credentials of all required services.

Mientras, the Dr. Do not offer this platform:

1. Develop a new international vision of the College. Amplify and improve services and benefits for doctors. Defending the collection as a priority.

2. Approve and increase the incidence of 4% for all medicines and any other incentive that benefits from the medical class.

3. Establish strategies to combat the actions of medical aircraft / insurers against the medical class. The insurers are constantly and unequivocally interviewed in cruel decisions, obstructing the approval of procedures, medications and therapies at the conclusion of medical criteria, which is inaccessible.

4. Work to convert mediation legislation to the Medical College into a certification and hospitality center. Collaborate with licensing junta and other agencies to aggravate trimmings required by physicians.

5. Create a special committee of legal and financial assistants before evaluating the critically acclaimed “Medical Plan of the College” which is in a crucial moment, in the middle of dudas, incertidre and interrogating fights.

6. Administer the funds of the College with transparency, efficiency, prudence and control. Conduct forensic auditing, reviewing the contracts of the College boards. Eliminate the current salary owed to the President of the institution.

7. Download educational scrollers in technology such as technology, computer programs, cell phone and / or tablet applications, electronic recorder, or social networking methods, used to keep track of invoicing staff of medical staffs and in the College Collegium to improve the service and communication.

8. Establish an educational and support program for the prevention of personal needs, and provide legal assistance to the college.

9-. Implement training in office administration. Aspects of financial planning, screw insurance by insurance, insurance fund, empire and properties with priority over 60 years.

10-. Impulse and interconnect communication with neighborhoods and huts before launching academic, social and professional activities in coordination with the central junta.

11-. Convert college into an agglutination entity.

The College vote took place in all of its centers in San Juan (Sheraton Convention Hotel), Casa del Medico in Arecibo, Ponce and Mayagüez, Tiger Med in Caguas and the CDT in Canóvanas.

al Collegiate Medical College of Puerto Rico account for a total of 10,400 collegiate physicians.