Clinical alert against high incidence of obesity and its accelerated impact on type 2 diabetes

Currently, there are young patients diagnosed with diabetes who present with more serious complications at menopause.

Dra. Margarita Ramírez, endocrinologist and Lcda. Valery Rivera, nutritionist. Photo: Dra. Ramírez, Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública; Lcda. Rivera, summoned by the nutritionist.

Puerto Rico has a prevalence of 18% diabetes and represents one of the populations that has the largest number of patients with these pathologies, affecting the levels of pain in the blood.

Against the increase in cases and the identification of risky association factors such as obesity, the Journal of Medicine and Salud Public dialogue with Dra. Margarita Ramírez, endocrinologist and director of the Endocrinology Section of Medical Sciences and Lcda. Valery Riveranutritionist, search for causes, diagnoses, incidence and clinical course of these conditions.

I agree with the specialists, la diabetes type 1 scurvy when patients present with inflammation in the pancreas that generates an impulse to produce insulin; without embargo, this condition does not have a high incidence. On the other hand, due to obesity, many of the type 1 diabetic patients are characterized by characteristic manifestations of diabetes type 2, representing an alert to doctors.

Sobrepeso and Obesidad

La Dra. Margarita Ramírez said that “80-85% of the cases diabetes type 2 has a lack of nutrition and sobriety. “Genetics have a strong influence on the patient’s family history.”

There is an increase in the number of family history factors, a patient who wears an ideal weight and a healthy weight, has a high probability of diarrhea diabetes, “It is important that the patient is very conscious of this. “Because of the fact that my mom or dad is diabetic, I do not know what to do if I have a diabetic seizure.”

In this sense, specialists aim to include the family in the process of treating the patient with diabetes is indispensable for correcting nutritional hobbies and dismantling possible complications, and when integrating a large number of family members.

“Be careful not to touch the patient as much as possible to affect the quality of life from the plaza” affirma la endocrinologistwho have patients with multiple complications and have had both amputations and other cardiovascular events occurring due to the progression of the disease.

Another important point is the advance of this condition in the pediatric population, which Ramírez affirms as “a desperate patient diabetes at the age of 40-45, they will see the grave manifestations, quizzes deprived of the age of 70. But the teenagers who try to be teenagers, especially those 35 years old, are in dialysis ”.

“Now that we are being obsessed with these people, we are getting rid of the complications much more often than type 2 diabetics,” he warned. endocrinologist.

Symbiotic relationship between diabetes and nutrition

La diabetes and alimony is correlated, as is, a patient in treatment of diabeteslack of a multidisciplinary company of specialists and nutritionists, which plays an important role in the exit of treatment and remission.

I agree with the nutritionist, Valery Rivera, the first to perform a diagnostic of a patient with diabetes, does not indicate a strict diet to follow, for example “know the style of screw, which is available to change, tastes of preferences and personal metas”. Assimilation, aggregate: “we enter into this process of negotiation, having a conscious conscience with patients who make decisions based on the inclusion of food, have a consensus in the blood”.

The result is that the first step to changing food and giving a living room style is to identify the groups of foods: carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fats and foods, people who eat food that supports fiber, The process of controlling glucose levels and additives is also important for digestion and control of the diet, which increases the control of the “explicit nutritionist”.

Based on the recommendations for the consumption of fiber, indicating that “approximately 12 grams x 1,000 calories, which can be about 24 grams for women and 30 grams for men.

In this sense, to avoid the obsession and consequences of a bad mane of the diabetesit is not uncommon for patients to lose all of their carbohydrate points such as nuts, breadcrumbs, or pasta, but they also have nutritional labels that have 3 grams of fiber or more.

“It’s a lot more easy for the patient to identify, but for example: how to get a sandwich on the desk, not to play fruit game, because it does not generate high levels of pain, the drugs do not have the right effect.”

Por su parte, la endocrinologist affirmation that is guided by the recommendation of plant-based and plant-based diets and treatments that are significant in the treatment, “hey patients who have these dietary cambiums or have inclusive quintals of insulin”.

This means that there are possibilities for patients to recover diabetes if you change gears in the screw style, for this, the specialists recommend a basic action to apply:

* Eliminate fruit juices. With the fruits being natural and not too tight, in order to play many different parts of the fruit you need to sort out the portions that correspond to and eliminate the fiber. Por eso, lo ideal es tomar jugos de vegetales y comer fruta.

* Avoid free cereals, especially at night, because they have an effect on the levels of pain in the blood.

* The ideal of a dressing plate is that of the vegetable contingency method, har harina and. Protein.

Concerning the effects of obesity on people, recognize that they must be tried and tested in different public and private schools in order to conceive of these conditions and their risk factors from distance to distance. “Even if there is an accessibility to education, it is important that people can search for information and get to know the texture of the vegetables, which can only be given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of consuming and consuming food. azúcares añadidas ”aggregó la Rivera.

Like the plant of the American Academy of Pediatrics; the minor children of the children should not be given the type of food with the added risk because of the risk that it is the generator of obesity, the main cause of dehydration diabetes.

On the other hand, the suppressed physical activity is inadmissible for taking a treatment, it is recommended with 30 minutes of diarrhea exercise, to avoid gas bubbles or refluxes and to prefer water consumption.

“Refreshments eliminate elimination of nutrition, including diet refreshments that do not hurt, but the type of endogenous that they use, that can change the intestinal flora and all the cambiums that linger in the intestinal flora promoted ”Affirm it Dra. Margarita Ramírez

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