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Get the special invitations to Chopra Global’s Journey to Well-being, a completely free part-time experience program, available throughout Julio in the Chopra app, with the ultimate in guiding your activities to activate your dones únicos ya descubrir su propósito de vida.

MIAMIJune 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Ismael Cala human strategy, human development, periodical, author bestsellerphilanthropist and international conference worker, specially invited servant during July Journey to Well-Beinga Chopra Global initiative initiated with the end to share a personal creation experience at the world level.

Journey to Well-Being aborts themes inflated and all aspects of the screw, and is designed to offer an intuitive form of accentuation, junta and personalized practice that bridges an experience and impact of major relevance. The mismatch is fundamentally in Ayurveda, a traditional 5,000-year-old anti-dementia sanitation system, which translates as “the life of the living”, as it proves to be a brand for keeping a healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. , to accommodate the inherent power sanator that lives in all our bodies. As a medicine and individualized screw style, Ayurveda considers that health is a stage of plethora — dynamic integration and balance of body, mind, and spirit.

In each of the five sessions, the coils are available for free during the middle of July. The players can use super limitations, try their best and activate their uniqueness, graces to mindfulness, meditation and the practice of gratitude.

“For me it’s a great honor to be invited by a screw gran mentor like this Deepak Chopra, pero además, is connected with one of my themes as it is the screw ratio, which is considered to be one of the bases that can be used by the mayor to be on the floor. To get the most out of free form sharing and how to get around like an app, I want to be able to add content to my site to get the most out of people who can connect with their mismatches or with their own “, say Ismael Cala.

“Given the state of the world, personal health and well-being are now as important as nunca,” he said. Mallika Chopra, CEO of Chopra Global. “The Chopa Meditation and Bienestar app is designed to be a complementary tool that allows you to get better and better.

Participants tend to have free access to all parts of the program (entirely in English) through the Chopra app for iOS and Android, except for downloadable resources that the apoyo server is on its way to. Obtain access to this special virtual event with Ismael Cala y Mallika Choprathe one about discussing the walk-in walkways is July 11th 9:30 am PT, 12:30 pm ET.

To register, complete the following link.

About Ismael Cala

Author of best sellers in themes of leadership, empiricism and personal development. Ambassador of the concept of corporate governance in Latin America. More than a dozen years ago the CALA show was aired on CNN in Spain. “The New York Times“lo calificó como” el Larry King latino “.

Currently one of the most important communicators of the continent and its message of social empowerment, mindfulness and well-being has affected millions of people who are obsessed with books, seminars, tours and conferences. Cala has recovered more than 35 countries.

About Chopra Global

Chopra Global is a leading whole health company that is empowering personal transformation for millions of people globally to expand our collective well-being. Anchored by the life’s practice and research of Dr. Deepak Chopra, a pioneer in integrative medicine, Chopra Global’s signature programs have been proven to improve overall well-being through a focus on physical, mental and spiritual health. Chopra Global has been at the forefront of health and wellness for more than two decades with a portfolio that includes an editorial archive of more than 2000 health articles, expansive self-care practices and meditations, a comprehensive mobile app, masterclasses, teacher certifications, immersive live events and personalized retreats. In 2020, Chopra Global launched The Chopra Meditation & Well-being app on iOS, which offers simple, self-care guidance and meditation for mind, body, and spirit. The vast library of content features hundreds of meditations and practices with an integrative approach to help create and sustain a healthier life, with an emphasis on stress, energy, sleep, mood management, purpose, relationships, and growth. By providing tools, guidance and community, Chopra aims to advance a culture of well-being and make a healthy, peaceful and joyful life accessible to all. For more information, interact with the team on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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