Colombia. How to compare Gustavo Petro with AMLO, Boric and other ruling parties in Latin America

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News about the world: Gustavo Petro is the first electrified president in the history of Colombia. Pero, what type of liquid is exactly represented?

In the second round of the presidential dominoes, Petro won 50.44% of the vote against 47.31% of his reverse, the magnate of the construction Rodolfo Hernandez, with more than 99.99% of the average vote.

“What you see is a exchange rate,” the 62-year-old economist and ex-student anticipated in his first public discourse of electronics.

Petro is the most recent case in a Latin American powerhouse that lends itself to a degree of social discontent with political class, incompetence, and economic status.

From 2020, this list includes Luis Arce in Bolivia, Pedro Castillo in Peru, Xiomara Castro in Honduras and Gabriel Boric in Chile.

These and other mandates of the felicitating region to the new president electro colombian el domingo.

“Gustavo Petro’s triumph is historic. The Colombian conservatives are always very tenacious,” said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in a statement.

Sin embargo, hay great differences between these governors.

And Petro’s comparisons with other leading leaders in the surgeon region since Bogotá in 2011.

Now that the presidency of the third world is more populous than Latin America, the cobra is more imported than the petition about the place of Petro in the political spectrum.


Petro militia in the urban and nationalist guerrilla of the M-19 in the decades of the ’70s and’ 80s, a pass because many intend to associate in the electoral campaign with the radical equation.

Without embargo, el M-19 was dismantled in 1990 and Petro was present at this, intending to leave the presidency, as a politically moderate news of each senator.


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Gustavo Petro was elected President of Colombia by his third party.

“The moderation of algunas of their prophecies has been seen as a result of a sector of the city rather than a candidate for center-right rather than radical,” said Patricia Muñoz Yi, director of postgraduate studies at Javeriana University. , and BBC Mundo.

By the way, Petro denies that Colombia is struggling with socialism and that it is trying to recoup the expropriations or reforms of the Constitution by re-electing other Latin American presidents.

Pero s prop ha propuesto change the economic system of the countrymarble the extraction of natural resources, an agrarian reform to terminate with the improvised improvised latifundios and offer complete in the State that are not concentrated in the private sector.

“We want to shake off capitalism in Colombia,” said Petro in his triumphant discourse on domingo. “We do not adore it, but only because we surpass premodernity in Colombia, feudalism,” he added.

Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela


The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, has been described as a “dictator” by Petro.

If there is a passing sample of sympathy for the unfortunate Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, and many of his adversaries are also associated with him, Petro has marked the distance with the successor of Chávez, Nicolás Maduro.

“If you wanted me to be a dictator like a dictator or something like that. If you wanted me to be like Maduro you are a dictator or something like that”, said Petro in the magazine Newsweek in 2018.

Colombia’s electo president has been hailed as a reference by pro-government activists such as Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva or Ecuadorian Rafael Correa.

Sin embargo, otros le ven similarities with the actual mexican mandateknown for their initials AMLO.

Petro “came from a tradition of nationalist and anti-imperialist ideology, a little quiz that inspired Lopez Obrador in Mexico,” said Yann Basset, professor of political science at the University of Rosario in Bogotá, on BBC World.

Agrea that Petro has “an aggressive style, with discourses and populist veggies, that generates a lot of resistance and temper that tightens a bullet with a handful of authoritarian, other than the style of what is happening in Mexico.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Gobierno de México

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responds well to Petro in the final of the Colombian election campaign.

López Obrador, 68 years old, launched in 2018 the first president of electro power in Mexico in three decades.

This is why AMLO polemically alleges that Petro asserted that he was inciting a “guerrilla war” as it was carried out in Mexico, as well as that the Colombian Cancelleria was classified as “engineering” in the country.

How is Boric?

By the way, there are some differences between the two as Petro joins the presidency of Colombia and the like Boric in Chile in December.

And they all have their own choices social stars which reveals a change with the establishment and the economic model of their countries, analysts say.

Gabriel Boric

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Some coincidences between the context in which Gabriel Boric lives in Chile and the form in which Petro hails in Colombia.

Petro y Boric promotes structural reforms to ensure peace, with the State at the center of its social, economic and environmental projects.

With the selection France Márquez as vice-president — the black prime minister, feminist, and environmentalist who lives in the cargo—, Petro voluntarily exemplifies themes of the genre, race, and climate of a younger generation as represented by Boric, said Basset.

The aggression that raises five tensions that Petro’s camp is with feminist sectors, which accuses him of pursuing “guardian” policies with a machinist vision.

On social issues, Colombia’s electo president defended the access of abortion women and promised to guarantee the degree of diversity of sexual orientation.


Getty Images

Colombia’s vice president, France Márquez, cool air in the Petro camp.

So, as the idea of ​​terminating with the prophylactic effect of drugs, I approximate more figures as the former Uruguayan José Mujica, otro exguerrillero, which other classics are more classic in the region.

But it is clear that the body is the electoral proposition and the form in which it is shot, all in one polarized part and with clear contraceptives.

Adam Isaacson, an expert in Colombia from the Washington Office for Latin American Assassins (WOLA, but with English accents) who recorded the type of governing body that Peter’s servant despised as a result of August.

¿Cuál es su duda?

“The personality of Petro”, explicit. “If you resist the controls on the floor, or if you are more like Boric, Mujica or Lula and a little bit more agarre on the floor.”

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