“Consequential news”: the amenas of Russia and Lithuania through the strategic enclave of Kaliningrad

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A Russian Aduanas function in Kalinigrado.

Fountain of the image, Reuters

Photo pie,

Kalinigrado has a strategic importation for Russia.

The geographical location of the Russian port of Kaliningrad has been decimated for decades, although it has been classified as a “strategic enclave”. Pero en los lattimos tiempos esa posición se ha vuelto incómoda.

Situated on the Baltic Sea, it is located between Lithuania and Poland, the member states of the European Union (EU) and OTAN, which are vulnerable to critical tensions generated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Last viewed, Lithuania ferro-station static company, LTG, announcement that impediré that transits by such a country to Kaliningrado the Russian biennas sanctioned by the EUincluding construction materials, metals and carbon.

The question was asked by the Governor of Kaliningrad, who advised that the method of importing the territory be affected.

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