Contaminated food supplies 420,000 screws and 95,000 million dollars per year

Responsive to 600 million cases of food transmissions per feed, the inverted trays are one amenaza para salud humana y las economíasprovoking every year 420,000 deaths and a productivity curtain of up to 95,000 million dollars, the end of which is the UN on the motive of Día Mundial of the Inoculation of Alimony.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recall that safety is essential to health and human well-being and record that supplies are paid for food supplies affect disproportionately vulnerable and marginalized personsboth women and children, or their sub-populations, conflicts and migration.

This year, the international jubilee jar cada 7 de junio buscará mobilize actions to prevent, detect and investigate the risks transmitted through food and supplies to human health all but 10% of the world population falls short of being provoked by some contaminants.

By agreeing with the agencies, you know the inaccuracy and quality of the food, también reduce the bowel, detnation and infant mortalityademás that their children are given to the school’s children and the adults are given to the people of the work.

One female charlan in a fruit and vegetable market in La Paz, Bolivia.

Unsplash / Lesly Derksen

One female charlan in a fruit and vegetable market in La Paz, Bolivia.

More than 200 enfermedades

In the 2022 edition of the World Food Guidance, the OMS specs that more than 200 entries have causes to be included contaminated food with bacteria, virus, parasites or chemical substances like heavy metals.

The cargo that is in public health systems is comparable to malaria or HIV / AIDS. Without embargo, the provocateurs are provoked by the ignorant vultures can be prevented with adequate education, hygiene and handling of food.

The explicit document that los microbios resistant to antimicrobials can transmit food from the food chain, but through direct contact between animals and people trapped in the environment, and details that as many as 700,000 people get every year due to the onset of antimicrobial resistant infections.

Además, subraya that causes causes by transmitting parasites through food can provoke acute and chronic health problemsand refers to the fact that the cases of once major parasitic parasites amount to 48.4 million a year, and that 48% of them are of food origin.

A doctor in the middle of the circle of Ibrahim's arm, one of his eyes that suffers from dehydration, in a hospital in Mogadishu (Somalia).

UNICEF / Omid Fazel

A doctor in the middle of the circle of Ibrahim’s arm, one of his eyes that suffers from dehydration, in a hospital in Mogadishu (Somalia).

Death and mortality among people

The OMS shall increase the attenuation of the high risk of malnutrition and mortality by injecting nourishing food that has the highest and most precise zinc concentrations that are collective represents 40% of the transmissions per veterinarian. Dietary foods cause one of the most common causes of diarrhea, one of the affections that most provoke in a group of people.

This is the color, the organism insists that the inoculated and nutritious food are basically parasitic on the creation and desolation of infants mejoran the intellectual and physical potentialincreasing schooling efficiency and laboratory productivity in adult life.

Assimilation, hizo hincapié en que la lactancia materna exclusiva is the most secure form of feeding babies while taking the first half of the screw.

On the other hand, it assures that the production of inoculated food reduce curtain and scattering of food and benefits to the planet.

A lighthouse camp in northern Nigeria.

© PNUD Nigeria

A lighthouse camp in northern Nigeria.

Aumento de la productividad

Ensure that unattended food is stored ayudan a la economía by increasing the productivity of the individual, allowing short-term national food supplies, exports and a stable food trade.

Del mismo modo, los alimentos inocuos reduce the pressure in the sanitary attenuation systems.

OMS indicates that the health of the animals, the plants and the medium in which they are produced affects the inoculation of the food, but which is abrogated by the adoption of an integral info which guarantees that all víveres that lie to the consumer are uninitiated.

Among the advances in this direction, I mean that 188 parts more than the European Union negotiated recommendations based on data related to the incapacity and quality of food, the norms of Codex Alimentariusque guarantee that the sea urchin is inoculated and can be commercialized.

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