Continental obesity has one of the main risks for chronic renal failure

Patients should focus on renal function and doctors should revolutionize their practice and education.

Dr. Rafael Burgos Calderón, pneumococcal nephrologic reconnaissance and dislocation at world level due to renal salivation. Photo: Summitrada by the specialist in the Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública.

Renal nursing is a serious health problem for Puerto Ricans, as is the Latin community in the United States. From Puerto Rico’s René Consejo, more than six million patients in the island are receiving dialysis treatments, in terminal stages, and in the United States, with Hispanic people representing the second largest ethnic group in the world.

People of any age and gender can be at risk of suffering from renal failure, without patience. During the tempranic stages of chronic renal impairment, the person may have severe or severe symptoms. It can be said that it is not manifested even though the renal function is totally affected.

If the kidney is advanced laterally, the patient is experiencing puddles, between symptoms, loss of appetite, fats, problems with sleep, muscle cramps, leg cramps and bloating, pain in the pelvis and high blood pressure.

The treatment of the renal implant is centered in the retinal detachment, mediating the control of the undiagnosed cause.

Chronic renal failure can be converted to terminal renal failure if the patient is not having artificial filtration or renal transplantation.

The doctor Rafael Burgos Calderón, puerto rican nephrologic recurrence y destacado at the mundial level for its support in renal health, indicating that the organ is the organ, a vital organ, has an acoplamation between all the organs of the body and the organ. This includes the hydric balance, the acid-base balance of the body, and the control of hypertension. When combing the river to excrete the acids from the body, the cells can break the region and the tissues of the body.

Prisons affirm that “Rhinoceros is an endocrine organ, produces hormones important to the body, it is erythropoietin – which increases hemoglobin – and other substances that increase calcium and reduce renal encephalopathy in children.”

The specialist accuses, in spite of all the risk factors for kidney renal disease, that “in the biomedical model it includes fumarium, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, cardiovascular disease, nociceptive excess of salt, excess of protein and no exercise exercise ”.

With the covid-19 pandemic group present, there is a lack of control over the types of salivary glands, such as nutrition and exercise, which are predominant in the air.

“There is an increase in obesity in children, adolescents are stigmatized by audiovisual media and sedentaryism”, which can be discouraged, considering that renal impediment risk factors are not limited to adults.

As an embargo, but only for the benefit of the person, the unanimous reconciliation takes into account that “the structure of the sound systems is directly governed by the nursing, but not by the prevention”, and the aggregate: the term renal salud, pero todavía ese termin le falta la prevention i latinoamrica, falta que busquemos dónde is the link with other concepts ”.

Diagnostically, Burgos is still the most critical point in practice, pus, people know their hemoglobin, cholesterol, urine and other things, but they find that the class is classified by stages: stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4 and stage 5, because if the deberían persons know what they are, they decide, the function of their river, or what is the life support of the screw.

He said: “If you and Advil, iodine, antibiotics, if you have the function of the river, you can accelerate the passage of dialysis”.

The stages of renal impairment are classified in stage 1, when the glomerular filtration cup is 90 or higher, which determines whether renal function is measurable; de 60 to 89 es leve, de 45 a 59 es leve a moderada; between 30 and 44 es moderate to grave; between 15 and 29 es grave y menos de 15 se considera dialisis.

It is important to know the quality of the essay and the filtration, which is part of the education of the person. If the practice of medicine’s education is to be revolutionized, the doctor Burgos will be punted.