Coughs are the symptoms of esophageal cancer that we should not ignore

This type of cancer is the most common cause of death in the world and, under embargo, many people do not know what to expect from the doctor.

Many patients treated for esophageal cancer have been diagnosed as having symptoms. Photo: Shutterstock.

Doctors know that once the discharge from the cancer is related to the esophagus, the abnormal cells that are trapped in the cells of the esophagus start to swell like the cells of the esophagus.

Este esophageal cancer type no cause at the beginning of the illness, which is what the Scottish ex-footballer, Andy Goram, sees as porter and south in various ways clubs in Scotland and Englandwhich have recently been reported to have esophageal cancer.

In an interview, the footballer explicitly states that he is a nurse but for the first time he has a few weeks, having only problems like baby. The news notices to his followers when Goram, 58 years old, said that the Habiban gave one of his half-lives.

Ignore the estomic acid because the sufferer was initially unsuccessful in obtaining a citation with its head medicine.

Although Goram, many patients are treated for esophageal cancer and have been diagnosed with the principle of having symptoms, or with symptoms that occur unknowingly.

Paul Sinclair, of Fife, Scotland, in an interview with the BBC, commented, “Ignore how all the demos, feel like a gas in the lower part of laricative tea “in September 2020. Sinclair only admires the sensation of being” unbuttoned like a solo bocado “, when, molestia debajo de mi caja torácica; it extends approximately a week and the media and its language:

“Do the medicine and send it directly to an endoscope. I confirm that only one tumor in the superior part del estómago “, Sinclair, after four sessions of chemotherapy lasting a period of one week before one end of the week.

This requires an 11-hour operation, which includes base extirpation. Posteriorly, you sometimes want to say “my chemotherapy is very aggressive, you can use it with your chemotherapy sessions”, explicitly. “The second step is due to the fact that the operation failed.”

“The medium that heals you, the ones that emperor you like to buy new ones, the mastic that beats the food, the small portions that you eat and the small things that come out of your mouth.” Now, three years later, Sinclair can fly to the gym to get a good workout, but the cosmic nunca series is “totally normal”.

Paul Sinclair, concluding that, “the most important thing is that there are no particularly serious symptoms, but it is very unheard of and ignored.”

What are the symptoms of esophageal cancer?

al esophagus is the large tube that the food is given from the garganta hasta el estómago.

The main symptoms of cancer are:

  • tener problems for tragar (dysphagia);

  • sentir or tener náuseas;

  • estomic acid or reflux;

  • signs of indigestion, how to erect much.

Other phrases included:

  • una tos que no mejora;

  • una voz ronca;

  • curtain of appetite or curtain of weight like a traitor;

  • sentirse cansado o sin energía;

  • dolor in the garganta or in the midsole of the oven, specially for tragar.

Source: NHS (United Kingdom National Salon Service)

“Nunca te recuperas completely”

Linda Moffat, who lives in Scotland, considers herself 48 years old to be a physically fit woman who wears all her hair; In December 2014, he wrote “that la comida no bajaba, como se se pegara”, recordó. “Aumentaba el dolor y la comida se atoraba, tenia que vomiter para unblockela. Pensé que era un lcera.

After a while, they say that “they use a weapon to talk to the doctor” and the antacid detector. Pero los sintomas continuar y la enviaron a un endoscopia. It reveals an “advanced tumor” in the esophagus and is called “the way of a long and diffuse path”, explicitly.

“It’s a very aggressive cancer and the surgery is really brutal: ocho horas en el quirófano”, dijo. “There are antioxidant chemotherapies available. Debt can be caused by nausea, and you have a lot of problems with vomiting, diarrhea and pain, which can be completely cured.”

“Pero han pasado casi siete años y estoy muy feliz de estar viva y muy agradecida con todos los que me ayudaron a estar aquí”.

“Menudo se llama a esta enfermedad ‘el asesino silencioso’ porque los syntomas varian much”, agrega. “Solo rezas para que genta vaya al medica susupply pronto”.

“Quanto antes mejor”

Caroline Geraghty, specialist nurse at Cancer Research UK, affirms the risk of esophageal cancer with “las cosas tipicas”, such as fumar, baby alcohol and weight loss, además de mascar tabaco.

“Pero tener a mayor riesgo no significance that definitely tends to cancer”, apunta. “In the majority of people do not know why they have esophageal cancer.” Geraghty instructs any person who can create shortcuts to listen to the headlamp “for sure”.

“As sabemos, when it comes to a cancer, the major ones have the same capabilities as you”, added; pero subraya that for the majority of patients who suffer from symptoms that are not related to cancer.

“Podemos enter because some algebraic medics do not directly direct the patient to an endoscopy to investigate; algunas persons solo necesitan antacids, per habrá otras persons who tal vez required more rapidly an investigation.”

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