Covid-19. What did medicine know about the epidemic?

It: SARS-CoV-2: It is a highly contagious virus, an unusual pathogen, with which we gradually realized that the impact on society, families և lifestyle will be inevitable. Two years after the Covid-19 epidemic, El Economista spoke with experts from Arizona State University, who assure us that today we understand the disease better, there are valuable lessons learned, but there are still challenges.

Dr. Ephrem Lim, of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, is a virologist who has led research efforts to understand and prevent the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, explaining that one of the most valuable lessons is understanding that we are all connected. , this is not a problem of one country, ethnic group or community. “It simply came to our notice then China“But it has spread through different channels, which means that whatever solution is found, it will be able to solve the global problem or expand the problem.”

On the other hand, we realized that this virus changes, this is called evolution over time և it’s a natural part of the virus, that is, when it is passed from one person to another ում it multiplies, it makes mistakes in its genome և Most of the time it’s not much cause, but there are some options that may cause more problems, such as Delta or Omicron, he even said that it is very likely that we will reach another version soon. “The more cases և transfers, the more mutations և you have new options.”

For her part, Dr. Mara Aspinal, an expert in biomedical diagnostics, biomedicine and diagnostic medical devices from the College of Health Solutions, said the public policy trio was a great lesson. “A study has recently been published The Lancet: where excess mortality is compared between different countries. ” “Those who had severe blockades, the use of masks, the availability of vaccines, had lower mortality rates.” He added that in addition to this, it is very important that the population is also well aware of these actions, because, in the end, they are the ones who carry them out.

“This is still a challenge, because other studies show that there are still people who, for example, do not trust, talk about conspiracy theories, company profits and other reasons,” said Aspinal.

Vaccines և their evolution

Lim explains that in the near future, vaccines need to be updated with broader protection. For example, now back Omicron “The fact that the vaccine was really created from a virus two years ago, which we can no longer see now, is very different, it means that. “They will have to design vaccines with wider protection to cover more areas to reduce anxiety.”

For this he said that vaccines ARN: they are very effective և safe, what you need to do now is choose the right ones so that you can deal with it effectively.

Regarding the reinforcements, he explains that there is not much data yet, but so far the distance between a dose is possible. If it is used constantly և not given the necessary time, the immune response will not be given for him to learn, but if he stays long, the immune response may decrease. He said: “The problem is to manage this window of time to have better strategies, except that they will change when the vaccines are also updated, so soon we will not talk about the same vaccines that have been used so far. «.

Upcoming Challenges:

B. He said that it is possible not only for people, but also to really reduce the spread of infectious diseases. “The reality is that we will suffer from other epidemics, but if we succeed in generating training, we can see shorter times, more effective action.” Therefore, from the expert’s point of view, “tests should be at the beginning of each epidemic or an epidemic և with constant vigilance. ”

He added that we need to ensure public-private partnerships for the tests, as was the case with vaccines, as this maximizes the viability of reaching more people, and the cost of the tests could soon be as high as $ 2. After all, in the future you have to accept self-testsbecause it’s the fastest way to get the most people diagnosed.

It is one of the other pending issues virologyLim said he understands where the virus came from in the human population, whether it is the species, or the conditions that allowed it to reach humans. “This will help prevent other epidemics or deadly viruses that can occur. The real reason for understanding the origin should be exclusively to avoid future infectious diseases.

From a specialist point of view, two years later, most people are never vaccinated, some immune responses, therapies և population immunity, never Covid-19: It will be deadly again, as in January 2020, because the information is also better managed, but that does not mean that the virus will naturally become less pathogenic, but it does mean that we are better prepared.

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