Cristiano Ronaldo launches NFT collection; present alliance with Binance

  • The agreement between the cryptocurrency platform and the deportee will be launched in the finals.

  • The series of collections is the exclusive way of selling on the NFT platform, Binance.

  • Except that the first NTF series is a cryptocurrency-enabled community.

Athletes are converted to the best paid figures in the world, by recording millions of fanatics qualitatively part of the planet. It is as if for the sake of making brands the best strategy for positioning in all the world, as importing the industry and the one that dedicates its money, this is the demonstration Binance recently allied himself with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to launch a collection of Tokens No Fungibles (NFT).

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most notorious figures in the world of football, out of the realm of Real Madrid, wants to prove himself in an authentic brand. The Portuguese who are currently concentrated in Manchester United, embolsó a total of 108 million dollars in the year 2017, of which only 61 million dollars fueron in terms of sales, according to Forbes magazine.

As such, it is no exception that this sports figure seeks to summarize the new innovations that include the use of new technologies such as the latest, cryptocurrencies or popular NFTs. Like muestran the results of the Global Consumer Survey Statisticsrevealing that this type of inversion in cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular in countries like India, as in 2021 or 18 because of the existence of those who own less bitcoins or coins.

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Cristiano Ronaldo y Binance

With the follow-up objective extending to the brand, the Binance cryptocurrency platform advertisement is what you call a “file” Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for creating exclusive NFTs collections.

See the diffuse information in a press release, the acuerdo tendrá varios años of duration aunque no fue detail cuánto.

With no further explanations of the collection, the text of the collection explicitly states that the series of collections is the exclusive way to view the Binance NFT platform. It also details how the first one will be launched in the finals.

It is expected that the first NTF series, accompanied by credo designs in collaboration with the athlete.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world, and he transcends the sport to convert into an icon in various industries. It has accumulated one of the most popular fan bases in the world and traces of its authenticity, talent and workmanship “, says in the text Changpeng Zhao who is the founder and delegate of Binance.

Follow the deportiva community to the cryptocurrency

Aunque parezcan dos industrias distintas, the company Binance be sure to follow this type of initiative to follow the digital world essay.

In the communiqué of the prince it is stated that this alien between Ronaldo and Binance also has the objective of introducing the football fanatics to the Web 3, given the unique intention “Series access to cryptocurrency through global media of non-combustible tokens (NFT)”.

As part of this strategy and moving marketing the portfolio zinc only ganador of the Oro ball, share in your social networks especially on Twitter, platform where current with a community of 101 million followers, it is a new project that is about to take shape.

“Organize association with Binance. Juntas le daremos the opportunity to have a iconic piece of the history of the sport. We changed the NFT game “, says the publication.

“My relationship with the fanatics is very important to me, because the idea of ​​having experiences and access to the precedents and traces of this NFT platform is something that can be done in part. That the fanatics discourage the collection as much as possible ”, added in a video published in red.

“We are full of fans and fanatics of exclusive opportunities to compromise in contact with Ronaldo and have a part of the history of iconic sports,” said Changpeng Zhao.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only athlete who has made millions of million dollars to carry out projects in this digital world, he is currently in a moment of excitement for sports associations and cryptocurrency platforms, or as many NBA teams as: the Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat, Portland Trail Blazers, sign up with Coinbase, and FTX.

Currently only public figures who support the NFT to revise or position themselves as a brand, such as Reina del Pop, Madonna, who associates with Beeple, to create a series of NFTs graphicswith classification X that the sample is completely undressed and given lupus, insects and irons.

As a matter of fact, this is the most controversial example that unites you as a digital world. The Vatican, which was announced in the middle of May to search for “democratize art” through a collection of NFTs and their incursion into the new digital world.

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