Criticism of Netflix’s Formula 1 is a major setback

Resolution 1:

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In 2018, Liberty Media signed an agreement with the popular entertainment platform Netflix, which will publish the content recorded during the season. Nobody was so clear about their intentions, it fell on deaf ears.

F1: Drive to survive!

At least until the pre-season 2019, when F1. The show, despite the absence of Ferrari և Mercedes’s two most up-to-date teams for the 2018 season, was matched by fresh air.

It allowed to recognize the heroes և situations with an unprecedented egg. It brought cyclists closer և the teams’ closeness to the general public և became a mass event, exceeding Liberty Media’s expectations, which was the young spectator’s incredible assertion that one day Next he not only became a Formula One fan, but had already arrived at his favorite drivers. և With teams.

From the point of view of the veteran fan, the show showed lights and shadows. Many parties, many interiors that would not otherwise be known, but a tendency to do things that a loyal fan does not support, such as not respecting the schedule or exaggerating the relationship between the pilots. After all, it was the first contact in which great potential with many opportunities was revealed.

The critics responded very positively to this premiere, և Rotten Tomatoes web portal, which allows audiovisual content critics, welcomed it with a rating of 89%, which is a significantly higher index.

Year after year, Netflix repeats the show with the same Resolution և with almost all the characters, as the teams that initially refused to accept the benefits of the presentation, only Max Verstappen, who was dissatisfied with the story, refused. spend his time with the film crew. The second season ended with a rating of 83%.

The third season showed a noticeable decline in quality, By 61%. However, being in the epidemic year, it was understandable that there was a lack of variety of scenarios in which shots were taken, except that it was a season with very few hotspots. However, this should have served as a warning to Netflix. And it happened, but with the worst egg.

success is not understood

Trying to restore the passage of the past, in the most exciting season of more than a decade, F1. The producers of Drive to Survival showed that they did not understand either their public or the product they were manipulating. Presented in the season this 2022 they put reality aside և They have focused more than ever on scenarios that simply do not convince anyone who has at least fallen behind in Formula One season.

Fake competitions have been spurred on by ignoring timelines more than ever, leaving aside the inner qualities that have already prompted Formula One fans to watch the show. The result, a forced և incredible product that critics have punished with a 17% rating, the ratio is reserved for really mediocre shows.

It seems that the producers of Netflix did not understand the product at hand, believing that the success of the series was the exact opposite of what it seemed. They would rather tell us untrue stories than just let things unfold. And unlike 2019, the fan who has become a fan of the show category has already experienced what they say to him, to face the reality, leaving him with a feeling of deception, with doubt whether. He was treated the same way in previous years.

Criticism has made Formula One unexpected, with its discourse ranging from public outrage to Try againFernando Alonso or the Ferrari team for not cooperating more with the show, to say with a small mouth that they should sit down and study why the footage corresponding to the best season in recent years in Formula 1 has angered “fans” and many. from the pilots who were shot in one of the heads.

Possibility of disappearance

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will learn from what happened, listen to potential fans, or do as it did last year, ignore those who warned of a deterioration, will continue the scenario, and falsify the reality more.

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