crucifixes, antiques, and more guarded invaders

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are legally housed. “Hasta que la muerte nos separe”, describes the mayor of the TV stations in on Instagram este lunes. This way you confirm your affiliation and share with your 177 million followers in a particular white and black photo album of the ceremony where you will be waiting for a domino in a bar in the Santa Barbara California area. The mass publication of the music party in on Instagramin its case for up to 7 million followers.

& # xc1; Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram album on Instagram

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s album’s Instagram album

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s album’s Instagram album

A casement in that, people’s, has more guardrails than invitations. A couple of photos shared by Mary Jo, accompanied by Mary Jo Kourtney Kardashian (43 years), Randy Barker, Blink-182, 43 years old. Ellos dos parecen haber sido los ignicos testigë de la boda, según apuntan los mederamericanos. The pair has been legalized as a matrimonial due to the fact that the principles of passing through April as the first “as follows” in Las Vegas trace the Grammy Awards. A unit that floats from one to the other in the One Love Wedding cap, with an Elvis imitator as the master of ceremonies. Share this on your Instagram: única capilla abierta con un Elvis y se casaron (sin licencia). “Practice hacks perfection,” he wrote.

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Los tórtolos tras dar el sí

Los tórtolos tras dar el sí

Desperate to get a lot out of the communication media sharing their captured images by the paparazzi in the body of the body, Kardashian prefers to share more photos with her as if she were alone. In the pictures, the company shows the short dress with a corset and a brooch in the form of Dolce & Gabanna leggings for the occasion, accompanied by a single veil and a sleeve embroidered by the Italian company. And in its shell, a colgante with a crucifix. Barker, for its part, apostó for the black in its shape.

The celebrations & # xf3; n privada entre los reci & # xe9; n casados

The private celebration between the casades

The private celebration between the casades

If you feel like a public figure in February, the couple will compromise their pass from October on a beach in Montecito (California). A moment when the partition is set in your social networks and which has been completed completely in the reality family that Kardashian has been deprived of a year and a half without living camaraderie. In the chapters of the series of emitters, the partition process is completed and you visit the fertility clinic.

& # xbf; Los & # xfa; nicos invitados?

¿Los únicos invitados?

¿Los únicos invitados?

Según medios estadounidenses como People y TMZthe wall of which is preparing a large fiesta that tends to place in Italy, is now, in front of inviting places.

The first boda

Kardashian and Barker gastaron apenas 800 dollars in your body in Las Vegas, según reveals the propeller of the capilla donde hicieron the ceremony. These newcomers do not allow the paparazzi to enter the place, deploy their operative security plan and do not allow the professional photographer to enter.

Marty Frierson, duo of One Love Wedding Chapel, reveals that for the first time, a pair of Elvis doubles were important, but that a cobra had an ordinary mount for complacers. Without embargo, y según consignó OK! Magazinethe man commented that, in comparison with the tariffs that only stabilize for similar bodies, la dellos.

“Receive a page from an assistant around 12.30 to verify that we are done”express Marty, and aggregate that explicitly states that algebra is famous for its quarantine, but it does not reveal what it is about. It should be noted that, since the capri harió has dos agos, the wind is the first body of celebrities to be employed in the place.

Frierson describes that the tortoises are accompanied by four people and that one of them is effectively a private school, where the demos are friends or assistants, and the last ones that are uploaded to Instagram to post the following of ambos.

To relate to the union scene, make sure that practically no haberdashery is also in the personal area. Between rises and besos, pareja entró con prisa a la capilla y, durante la ceremonia, bailaron tres canciones de Elvis, e incluso el imitator improvisation algunos golpes de karate.

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