Cruz Azul singers who have real options to serve as the first team for Apertura 2022

Ante the four registered bays and the selection of their selections, Cruz Azul completely on the plant for the preempria fuera of the City of Mexico con un a total of 14 canterans, mismos que tendrían la opportunadad de try ante Diego Aguirre y convencerlo para ser considerados para el primer equip de cara al Apertura 2022.

No obstante, considerando las necesidades de La Máquinaasí las quality of each of the jugadores, that of the 14apenas seis tendían real options of giving the jump to the first team este semestre, entre ellos mediocampistas and all defensasthe game of the sands that the cement team has with the solids of Pablo Aguilar and Adrián Aldrete.

Y es que Cruz Azul convocó de su cantera a porter, five defenses, mediocampists and their dealers, various types, including, of Sub-18because what we are doing is the situation of one, as well as desempeño en el Clausura 2022 with its respective category for conocer las real opportunities who have to be the first team.

Alfredo Cabañas

Even against the backlash of Andrés Gudiño, a couple of weeks ago, the 19-year-old box was locked in the third door of Cruz Azul, because it was about to fly to the pre-press of the Apertura 2022 by Diego Aguirre. , without embargo, their opportunities to be part of the first team are zero, given that Sebastián Jurado and Jes Cors Corona are fighting for their title.

Cristian Jiménez

The 19-year-old mediocampista is one of the few singers to be hacked in the first team, not obstetrician, even though he did not debut in the Primera Division. In the Sub-20 category you are still very regular, although in Clausura 2022 you can have all your incentives and only one goal, but it is a complicated task that can be done on the first part of the team this semester.

Rodrigo Huescas

The mediocampista originally from the State of Mexico has the highest probability of jumping from the plantation of the first team, even though it debuted in the Primera Division and registers a total of five incubators available in Clausura 2022, including was part of the first 11 titles of Diego Aguirre, in the friendly front of Venados.

Emmanuel Gutiérrez

As long as the 20-year-old carpet can debut with the first team and have a solo share in Clausura 2022, as it becomes almost impossible to jump to the Aperture 2022, debut on the plant to be built Santiago Giménez and Iván Morales, rejoicing that the directive is stereotyped in the search for a hierarchical attacker who assumes the role of goal scorer.

Rafael Guerrero

The 19-year-old defender, born in Tijuana, is one of the southerners who has great potential to be considered by Diego Aguirre in the first team, even though he was convicted in Clausura 2022 and never made his debut, the central is one of the most desperate areas Cruz Azul has at the moment.

Mauro Zaleta

The mediocampista veracruzano is one of those youngsters who have either been convicted before the first team, including being able to debut in the Primera Division with a one-minute solo debut in Clausura 2022, debuting who has been the master of all major qualifications with the Sub-20, which has 14 incubators and new ones as a title, but it has the great opportunity to take advantage of Diego Aguirre and give the jump.

Luis Rey

The mediocampista recruited players from Cruz Azul Fuerzas Básicas for Clausura 2022 and then made a show of his motivations, with only 15 incubators available and new ones as a title, but he can sign three goals, but he will win the concoction of the team primer to be tested in the pre-press and convenience training of Diego Aguirre to be considered for the team primer. And there are some who have great possibilities of warmth.

Alan Zubiri

Your last name with the power from the domingo pass, when you sign the declining goal for Cruz Azul in the pig against Mérida, in the primrose amistos primer, but whose position is from the central defense, from which one logs as one indisputable titles in the Sub-20, with 16 incubators in the initial 11 and one goal.

Axel Romero

Axel Romero is a loser of great quality and value that has been reported to all parties as part of the Sub-18 team, as an embargo, and its 18-year-old result is almost impossible to pay for the first semester of the team, ni siquiera como recambio.

Josué Díaz

A similar situation attracts el zaguero, where you can see that the game is lateral and it is an area where Cruz Azul bounces back to Adrián Aldrete’s room, Josué Díaz apenas is 17 years old, but the tampa series is considered the planter of the first team is semester.

Carlos García

As long as your goal score is equal to that of the Sub-18, it would be difficult to anticipate jumping to the Primera Division before this semester, even at low levels leading up to the first team.

Jorge García

The hydraulics can be found in the pre-press with the first grachers team as it appears as one of the habitual titles in the Sub-20 category, with 15 available incubators and 14 titles, all of which are signed in full whose position is lateral. It is as if Diego Aguirre had the opportunity to consider the team first, having now been summoned.

Miguel Seseña

As long as it has demonstrated quality offensiveness in the Sub-20, the 20-year-old midfielder can be spotted having his eyes closed, only as a title holder and can not sign a single goal, dumbbell, damp or any further conceded in advance team, because it is not the series of one of the jugs that can give the jump is semester.

Héctor Téllez

As Delantero, the player born in Aguascalientes, does not have the ability to give the jump to the first team is a turnkey, while the footballers are currently playing and the steering direction by going to a terrace, only if he only signed 16 found under the Sub-20 in Clausura 2022.

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