‘Cruz Azul’s no quorum to relate to America by dog ​​through a juggernaut’

The league of Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez al America has dropped a torrent between the ads Cruz Azul.

Idol in your own way for McQueen and the camp in 2021, the moon Rodríguez was announced as refueling the stars for the Aperture 2022 of the MX League.

The move was criticized for being part of Cruz Azul’s fanaticism wait for your directive to be recovered by Al Nassr exorcist. In America, in exchange, it celebrates the file as a key to search for the title 14.

¿Demasiados anuncios?

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The post of Cruz Azul

On the night of the wedding, Victor Manuel Velázquez, president of the administration council of the Cruze Azul Cooperative, declared that his team was searching for “Cabecita” and that the south side would not be able to stop it.

Jonathan Rodríguez will offer the return to Cruz Azul“I only have a contract with America and you can find situations that are between promoters and Cruz Azul before it is terminated”, declared the directive.

America appears in the ‘Cabecita’ scenario

To explore the topic, S Deper Deportivo see the entry version of Rodríguez and pudo hablar exclusively with Edgardo Lasalviaagent of the jugader and who is most likely to be in the negotiations that define the destination of “Cabecita”.

Edgardo Lasalvia and Jonathan Rodríguez.

Lasalvia records that one week a week has passed was in contact with LAFC directives from MLSa club that claims to be contracted by Jonathan Rodríguez, after being profound in negotiations with Al Nassr of the United Arab Emirates.

We are advancing with the negotiation under American apparatus in the middle of this worldordering Al Al Nassr Club directly a proposal to contact Jonathan’s services.

“I am interested in communicating with Diego Aguirre (new trainer from Cruz Azul), a great friend, a technical great, a great person. Mel me hace referencia a que Jaime Ordiales (directing from Machina) had a direct contact with Gerardo Rabajda (ex-representative of ‘Cabecita’) had one of his own and is the manifested surprise that Jonathan established around Los Angeles FC “.

‘¿Por qué no llevan a Los gengeles’

Lasalvia recuerda that in her charla, Diego Aguirre who comments on the situation with her directive, para averiguar si Cruz Azul pod busa buscar a Jonathan Rodríguez as a refuge.

“I knew that I was flirting with Jaime (Ordiales) and that I was really surprised by Cruz Azul. Pasan dos o 3 días y eso no pasó. At the same time, America is taking interest in a document, I am talking about the Arabs, I am just communicating with Jaime Ordiales to decide what the situation is ”.

The order of Orders is clear:

“In the first contact me dijo que era inviable para Cruz Azulthat hecho establ buscando vender un jugador, que necesitaban dinero y que iba a ser imposible ”.

Jaime Ordiales, directed by Cruz Azul.

Jaime Ordiales, directed by Cruz Azul.

Without embargo, a new policy with Ordiales will take place, even though the exchange rate does not change much.

“In the second contact with Jaime, he told me that Iban a matar él todo el mundo si yo llevaba a Jonathan a Amerika, which is why they do not love Los Angeles. “I know that our idea is the same as in Los Angeles, which is the legitimacy of the American era, which is due to the economic, the sports and the fact that in Mexico the Cruz Azul priority areas”.

The ‘cortesia’ with America

Throwing away charla, Ordiales pidió timo to treat topic with cruz Azul direct link, aunque the negotiations between America and Al Nassr are over in communication media and social networks.

“I want to communicate with Ordiales, what I mean is that I do not intend to go with Cruz Azul, that we have not reached the agreement (with America), the current era. Yes, the news exists that there is a word between clubs, not with us. Cuando digo nosotros me refiero con el jugador y le vuelvo a hacer hincapié en que no habíamos arreglado con nadie, ni hemos hablado de plata, de salarios ni nada.

“I would like to say that the wind is different and that they have to talk to their director, ellos Iban tampoco a robarle an jugador of America que ya tenían hablado. “I have an excellent relationship between clubs and I’m not going to do it,” he said.

“I know that it seems to me that I feel free to follow, because at the moment I am formally aware of the part of the South that goes under the American flag.”

With America tuned in 10 minutes

Lasalvia aclara that fue silo deprived of esa charla with the directive of Cruz Azul that the formal negotiation with America and pronto sign the contract.

“I had contact with the American general, with Santiago Baños, just in case to get the contract from the south, but I went within 10 minutes; enseguida nos pusimos de acuerdo “.

“I went to Los Angeles as it corresponded, the information that I had a note between clubs (America and Al Nassr) and that Iba was advancing with the salad of the south. Los Angeles gives me liberó, me dijo que ese dinero no lo podían pagar and I agree with America. “

Nunca llegó la propuesta de Cruz Azul

Inclusive despos of los, Lasalvia tuvo an charltima charla con Jaime Ordiales to inform the situation and make the ring with America.

“I want to communicate with Ordiales, the other term used to say that he died for adeante, that he deliberately wanted to be with Cruz Azul, that sabía that nosotros abamos and ir para America.”

“I know that some Habibs have always been given priority and that I was surprised to have a proposal for the flight from Jonathan to Cruz Azul. It seems to me that the wind blows, that it is established that the wind blows, that I am amazed that it does not fly to America because of the incorporation of Jonathan, that it does not establish economic conditions and tampoco veían cordial entorpecer su relation to el club America per puja per jugadbien claro ”.

This tranquility for the south

Eventually, Lasalvia aclaró is a medium that has no way of generating a conflict, as well as clarity about the team from its south coast of Coapa.

“I do not want to fight a lot of people, I just want the tranquility for Jonathan, for his family, it’s a mess.”

Jonathan wants much for Cruz Azul“I have a lot to offer, but I am a professional and a defender of the American shirt with the whole body and with the responsibility of being safe by Cruz Azul and all the teams that have passed.”

At the end of the story, the character uruguayo pinta as one of the “bombs” of the market of passages, points Cruz Azul is looking for a dealer that allows him to enter the pile by the title of the Aperture.

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