Cuba-EE.UU .: Biden’s goblin flexibility policy hacia isla and desha medias adopted by Trump

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Car in La Habana, near the EE.UU embassy.

Fountain of the image, Reuters

The United States government has announced that it is launching a series of media outlets that seek to justify Cuban politics and that it’s still under a lot of decisions made by President Donald Trump.

Asa, the Department of State informs that it restores commercial flights to Cuba, which are currently only in La Habana, and suspends the US $ 1,000 limit per quarter for trips.

Biden’s genius also restores a family resuscitation program that has been suspended from its hay bale, communicating with the Department of State.

Cuba faces a humanitarian crisis without precedent “Our continual policy continues to influence the Cuban people to create a free future of economic repression and suffocation,” the text says.

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