Cuban art historian and activist in the American Cumberland: “Presidents who oppose tyrants and retaliate against each other”

Carolina Barrero travels to Los Angeles to find out how to make a living from the artistic freedom and extortion of the Cuban regime that's obliged to leave the island.
Carolina Barrero travels to Los Angeles to find out how to make a living from the artistic freedom and extortion of the Cuban regime that’s obliged to leave the island.

(Los Angeles-special enviado)Carolina Barrero caminaba por una calle de La Habana when the police record the record by surprise y la metieron a la fuerza en un patrollero. It interrupts time, amenazaron, quit your cell phone and utilizes information that is all set up for extortion. Le volvió a pasar otra vez y otra y otra … fueron m des de veinte a lo largo de 2021. En el medium, la condenaron a 6 meses de prisón domiciliaria.

Se la acusaba de incitación a delinquent and dissociate by participating and convincing manifestations to advertise for freedom of expression. Listened to by the curious delta of “clandestinidad de impresos ”, al haber distribuos dos mil copias de un dibujo de José Martí junto unos versos del poeta cubano en el anniversario de su nacimiento. I do not know if hubiera insultos ni nada offensive allí. “This is sufficiently subversive for a totalitarian state like the Cuban one, because the international community has already reconciled itself and embraced romanticism with a state that has no intention of becoming a socialist like it once was.”, Explica a Infobae deprived of the concentration of leaders of civil society organizations with the secretariat of the State, Antony Blinkenin one of the events parallel to the Jebres of the State of the Americas that lay on the ground in this city.

Carolina35 years old, art historian and activist for human rights, curated at the art biennial La Habanalelevó muestras internacionales a Cuba, pero nunca logró a cargo docente en la universidad por sus criticas al regimen. Se sumó al grupo 27N of artists and intellectuals who demand demand for freedom of expression and artistic creation through the ultimate repressive escalation in 2020 and which extends to the following Massive demonstrations in advertising of democracy as nuns are habín seen in the era of Castro.

“Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are completely excluded from the Cumberland of American leaders because of their anti-democratic behavior,” said Barrero.

Carolina accompanied by agoso and amedrentamiento personal lasting mides, pero el 31 de enero lattimo, kundo se juntó frende a un tribunal con a group of activists and madrasa preso politica para dar apoyo a juvenes y menores de edad arrestados durantas las mass massas de 11 julio que estaban siendo juzgados, fue detenida con violencia por última vez. At the police station, the intimaron is taken within 48 hours or Iban to process the documents of the madrassas that were stabbed in the manifestation and including one of the Iba to press appointments due to a prevailing cause. Ante is extortionCarolina decided to go to the island and install it in Spain.

“This is the essence of civil society. Dictatorships do not go unnoticed in accordance with the principles of the Democratic card of the United States, which can be ignored.. “No matter what the principles of democracy and the pursuit of economic and political interests are, they are more or less coherent in a moment of global authoritarianism,” he said. “Nadie excels in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela ”, insists,

-¿What differences do you see in the living room for the Cubans between the epochs of Fidel and Raúl Castro and this of Díaz-Canel?

-Because of a myth, Fidel and Raúl habían created an epic prop. Since the beginning of the revolution, the movement of dissidents and miles of dissidents has been raging as early as the 60’s, exporting as much fiction as it does most of the totalitarian propaganda. The Cuban revolution’s only aura about the news of another dictatorship, Fulgencio Batista. Pero Díaz-Canel, designed by Raúl since he did not vote, only has a small decisive effect on it, both economically or in the context of the pandemic as a result of repression, according to decree 349 of 2018 that short of freedom of expression and artistic creation and term having the opposite effect. Unite to the artistic community and be united in the advertising term detonated in the civil protests of 2021. Díaz-Canel has no type of legitimacy, hay cartels with towers in all parts of Cuba, memes in their social networks, haxa una between the decisions of the regime and what’s going through in the streets of Cuba.

-Where is the part of the mandate of the mandated elves of the United States of America or alzar la voz in protest because the United States has not been invited to Díaz-Canel, Maduro and Ortega?

-Creo that is retratan and sí mismos. On the other hand, complaining about dictatorships criminalizing discrimination is unfair. Latin American democracies can have many problems, but they can not be equated with dictatorships. In Cuba there is no space for design. The one that goes in the right range with a cart that dams “Libertad”, term in cart. Do not condone this uniqueness that hare being impregnated with tyrants for which coma is atrocious.


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