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The president of the Republic, after his visit to Cuba, announced that he had 800 Cuban doctors in the public health sector, arguing that “in Mexico there is a shortage of doctors”.

In the last days and days of the Cuban president’s retreat, I have almost all the critics in the media. The medical community reacting to the AMLO dichotomy. The president’s consequent to the galenos a philosophical comment in his mature homily, causing his own.

We do not have the certification that the integrals of the Cuban medical brigades are medical. We do not know which Mexican or international professional body is known. We do not want to take an exam like CENEVAL. But on the other hand, as long as the governing body of the island retains most of its territory, and that the slave family is hostage to the Cuban State, it is decided not to fly to your country. The cost of cubans is excessive; an article by Mexican ambassador Pascoe Pierce, apparatus in Excelsior, sample that the payroll included in the Cuban goblin by the visit of these forged workers is equivalent to 144,333 mansions per cadre.

I agree with the site, that mantienen with the brown of my colleagues Pablo Clark and Fátima Masse, of IMCO, with data of INEGI, in Mexico has 451.2 miles of persons in the medical profession, the 3.1 per cent of the persons with professional career. Doctors have the most professional writing with more integrators. IMCO compares the relationship between the return and the risk of becoming a profession, and the evaluation as excellent in public universities and in private universities. Decir, study medicine is rentable.

In all professions, there are many things that can happen to you. In Mexico, the doctors adjacent to pharmacies are well known. As a doctor, the doctors in Mexico are the best that other professions. Its sample size is 1.8 per cent; the national promedio is 4.6. Your economic informality rate is 18 per cent; the national commodity is 55.8. The male commodity salary is about 18 miles, which is how much the profession pays for itself. Se lo merecen. Study hard, up to 5 years old, more than any other professional, and have a wide range of short and long days to go. ¿Why does the Mexican government contract slaves for what only the cost of a Mexican doctor’s supply?

According to data from Banco Mundial, Mexico, there are 4.8 doctors in each living room. Compared to United States, we are here: all 2.6. Italy has 7.9 and Cuba has 8.3. The number of the European Union on supply is currently in Mexico: 4.5.

The estimated total public health in Mexico in 2022 is 793.95 miles of pesos. In 2018, the era of 591.17 miles of miles. Uploaded to 34 by the buyer in nominal terms from the previous administration. The cumulative inflation from December 2018 to April 2022 has 17.3 per cent. Inflation is expected to increase the presupposition rate. Please note that the depreciation of the Secureo Popular financing mechanisms and the emergence of COVID-19 underscores the impact on the health resources. On the private part, costs are elevated; private points, private medicine inflation is only four times higher than the general. The hospital oligopolies contribute in these increments, which can test the viability of their privately owned insurance.

Some conclusions: 1. Mexico abolished slavery in 1813, according to Morelos. Article 2 º of the 1917 Constitution prohíbe. The contraction of Cuban slaves in their conditions in which they are considered the violatory of our Carta Magna and of our traditional tradition. 2. Do not have medical scams. We are comparable with the supply countries in the European Union. However, the costs of medical attention are dispensed. Finding cuban carcasses and calibrated dudos does not have to reduce costs. Podría pensarse that it is a development of salutations, as a result of which slaves in reality do not medically. 3. Hemos precise the treatment of physicians in the public sector, eliminating plaques and quadrilaterals and recursions. 4. The attraction of foreign professionals, in any discipline, tends to seek in competitive conditions, homologating degrees and experience. 5. Become a medical subscriber without subscribing to your governance. ¿For which president the insult? 6. COFECE should investigate the market structure of the private hospitality industry.


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