Cumbre de las Américas de Biden, bajo fuego

City of Mexico.- Confusion about invitations, a little clear agenda and some creative boycott amenities.

The Western Hemisphere Leadership Reunion which states the United States organizes the proximity between, and which is intended to show the residual leadership resurgence in the region, correlating the conversion risk into a debacle of public relations.

Among the three semantics of the American Cumbre celebrations in Los Angeles, there is the theme that, in order to convey the vision of Biden’s goblin for a part of the world that President Donald Trump ignored in great media, the event the sample of the influence of the influence of the United States to record that the agenda of advance in the region.

A staggering number of Latin American and Caribbean states, including the presidents of Mexico and Brazil — all the largest regions in the region — are being assisted, as a series of humiliating dislocations to Casa Blanca.

No formal invitations have been sent to Casa Blanca as a final decision has not been made about what happened. However, in some countries, there is no such thing as overheating over the last few steps at a time when the region is recovering from the brutal economic recession caused by pandemic, galloping, and slowing ambient inflation. democratic institutions.

On the other hand, the Department of State sent a memorandum of 900 words about the congress to the members of Congress without specific objective content, and the preliminary constituent reunions with the regional representatives characterized by confusion or confusion the agenda, a member of Congress staff and a participant.

A portfolio of the National Security Council, which is the organizer and organizer of the event, knows that the wind blows the “event of priority over the hemisphere” of Biden and the aggregate that tends to invade formal invitations. Tanto consejo as the Department of State negaron to comment on the boycott amenazas.

The principal director of Asuntos del Hemisphere Occidental in the National Security Council, Juan González, writes for the American Quarterly magazine on the sidelines that Cuban officials and the presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua do not have inclusive status.

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that he did not want to help the victims of these attacks.

Lopez Obrador’s amnesty has been repeated by the presidents of Bolivia and Honduras. A group of Caribe countries have joined forces to boycott the reunion by inviting Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid to represent the nation, led by President Nicolas Maduro.

United States recognizes Guido as the capital of the State of Venezuela, with effective control of parts of the country by Maduro.

“If you are excited, if you do not invite all, and here is a representation of the Mexican goblin, but not Iran,” said Lopez Obrador at a press conference of the wedding.

It is possible that the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, assisted the coup, because of the various functions of the Brazilian government. The Brazilian president also has a relationship with Washington, and the promissory note goes on to say that Bolsonaro and Biden have been hailed as presidents.

With the embargo, diplomatic diplomats realize that the evacuation of algunos presidents probably only intends to attract nationalist or elected voters and is likely to reflect their final decisions.

Some foreign policy analysts argue that inertidumbre in planning algo typically is a type of regional event, which tends to focus on symbolic appearances in a range of specific solutions.

“Three semanas is an entity under the control of the United States that will be executed as soon as possible,” said Dan Restrepo, a member of the Center for American Progress, an investigative institute, and leader of the Occupational Hemisphere in the National Council. Nacional.

But the boycott amenities of the bureaucrats that interest Biden’s goblin to promote their interests in the United States, while the United States has a desk communal paper running much faster. Among other topics, the goblino estadounidense buska logr an acuerdo regional significance on the undocumented migration against these intermediate choices, since a person familiar with the planning of the event.

“Latin American goblins who want to show Washington that it is not sent to the table of mass and that it is an igual ring, except that T Samo Sam unilaterally decided to be on the invitations list,” said Brian Winter. editor of the American Quarterly magazine, which inflates the politics of the United States in the hemisphere.

The first round of the First World Cup in the United States, Cuba invites the latest in Panama and Peru.

Biden’s goblin plan to free Cuba reflects internal political pressures, including the attempt to provoke Robert Menendez, a Cuban-born Democrat senator by New Jersey, president of the Foreign and Commonwealth of Independent States.

“President Biden has made it clear that he is inflated to restore the credibility and leadership of the United States in a possible campaign to counter authoritarian forces,” Menendez said in an electronic corridor. “The president is completing this promise.”

L pospez Obrador’s capable output from the most variable array is a variable flow rate.

Mexico is the main destination for migrants heading to the United States, and most of the country has flown to Washington to send the flow of other citizens traveling through the United States front to the Central American country.

“You have a Cumberland of Americans like the presidents of Mexico and Brazil, but they have no sentiment,” said Jorge Castañeda, a Mexican academic who is now a professor of international relations at the University of New York. “Seria una cumbre fallida”.

Bolsonaro’s departure has led to significant progress in other important aspects of Biden’s foreign policy: the climate change and the defense of democracy.

The prolonged silence between Biden and Bolsonaro has increased the tensions of their diplomatic relations.

During Biden’s presidency, Bolsonaro approached Russia, extended policies that disrupted Amazon, and questioned the integration of their electoral interests. Officials have been pressured privately to produce politically motivated and, in particular, publicly criticized Bolsonaro.

The most recent theme is Brazil’s presidential election in October. In Biden’s gossip, despite the fact that, after weighing in on two Brazilian voting systems, Bolsonaro could question the results.

At the same time, official functions and other means are used to pressure Bolsonaro to respect the democratic process and to express it explicitly on the basis of the Brazilian electoral system.

Pero ahora parece que Bolsonaro no viagaria a Los gengels y la cumbre fue eliminata su agenda, segën a familiarizada con el tema que habli con la conditioni de mantener su anonymo por esa decisón aún na se haunciado.

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