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The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has been on the sidelines since the end of the week. The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the planter and his assistant at the inauguration ceremony of the Cumbre of the Americas, appeared repeatedly on the giant wall of the Microsoft Theater. In plenary sessions, Biden lights up the unit, hitting the critics of your invitations.

Pese a ello, in the price of the young passerby, in the idyllic Villa Getty de Malibú, Biden prefers to follow the median llena bottle. “Tenemos algunos desacuerdos, pero estamos de acuerdo en lo essentialia”, decia in its short course antenna de dar counta of a delicatessen, a sheet of the Pacific with shutters and flour of Casa Blanca and a poster of lemon, wine, chantillí y bayas.

By the way, Biden records that President Barack Obama’s statement that “all in politics is personal”, in the sense that he conceives the biggest difference. Throughout the days of Cumbre, apenas has been complicit with Iván Duque, president of Colombia’s living room, who has been in the middle of a variety of events of the three other countries that share California. Muchos other conductors have marked distances. With Jair Bolsonaro the friace mark the first bilateral reunion with Brazil from Biden to Casa Blanca. One day, in front of the cameras for the family photo, it looks like a new one. Muchos se preguntaron cuál habría sido el chiste por brazileño no habla inglés.

Donald Trump’s long presidency, which leveled walls and scored points with much of Latin America, Biden only had the opportunity to stretch lazily with the region. “This is Cumbre’s, four years ago, the president of the United States, because it is not important. Now in Los Angeles you are the president, the vice president, the leader of the Chamber of Representatives, the secretariat of the State, the other members of the Cabinet … We are present “, said the late Senator Tim Kaine, who was nominated for the presidency with Hillary Clinton.

La Cumbre de las Americas suele reunir a l jefes de State y de Gobierno de toda America cada tres aos, aproximadamente. This edition, the novel, is shown on the horizon as the perfect escape to sanction the relations. “As long as Trump abuses much of his relations with the elusive of these countries, daandolas of different forms of description, but this reunion can add to the retouching of these vans,” said Latin congressman Joaquín Castro.

In a nutshell he established the first of the Cumberies, celebrated in Miami in 1994 with Bill Clinton as an outcast for Cuba’s solo. Without embargo, the organization of the event, in part by the torpedo, is confirmed to be in a diplomatic quagmire and focal on a list of invitations that no expiration date has been reached until the beginning of the week.

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The Department of State has recently announced that it will not allow a fiasco to occur. The Bolsonaro camp offered a bilateral reunion that paved the way and led the Brazilian president, who only had a great match with Donald Trump, a fantastic qualification. Alberto Fernández’s exchange rate for a visit to the Casa Blanca neighborhood, which the Argentine president did not shy away from meeting with Biden and asking “the end of the administration” as a prerogative of Cumbre’s friendship. Pero los esfuerzos fueron vanos para atraer a López Obrador.

Biden assured this week against the president’s rest: “Do not import what you owe in the world, the Americans always give a priority to the United States of America.” For the most part, the embargo is that Washington is at the forefront of Ukraine’s war and Assyrian politics and has lost weight and influence in a region where populist, separatist or anti-democratic goblins abound.

At the end of Cumbre, Biden can show an amount of quotes in its generic majority and a statement about migration that has summed up 20 of the participants. Proposals for economic cooperation, planes to absorb BID (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo), sanitation and air conditioning programs for medium environments are among the most important. “It’s a pass in the right direction, but we tend to aim for the right moment to make progress. Debía haber principles more clearly about treating migrants and preventing family separation and avoiding long periods of separation. This is only the beginning “, added the congressman Castro, part of caucus Latin of the Democrats.

Gobierno is currently playing now, in the play-offs, the opportunity to recover weight and influence in a region that is a natural leader. “We see the great potential for organizing a hemispherical response and retorts involved in the theme of pandemics, food insecurity or climate change topics,” said EL PAÍS Juan González, director of The United Nations Biden National Security’s main asset for Latin America.

This is because the list of presidents who have been excluded with the help of Cumber by vetoing Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua has been criticized by most of the assistants, interpreting it as a clear quote . But the vetoes, the boycotts and the division between the two countries are equal to the Cumbre’s relevance to trigger a regional co-operation. “In the face of controversy, Latin America is more than just Cumbre,” said Gabriel Boric, president of Chile. Pero parece m uns una bienintencionada que un hecho.

The declaration on migration, if written only by 20 of the last participants in Cumbre, is one of the most important results of this week. Formally, the signature jefes of the State, including the adjacent Lopez Obrador. Vienna is accompanied by a series of concrete compromises of immigrant regulation, refugee camps and temporal migration quotas that are partly new and partly packed with anterior announcements.

Biden, criticized internally by Republicans for blaming immigration themes, said the statement included a reference to facilitate the deportation of immigrants to paperwork and exchange rates for other destinations of their own, compromising and to open for regulation, legal immigration and temporal workers. However, the pressure of a migratory crisis without precedent does not approach the short distance. This quote is translated as “party accountability” as it declares the declaration. In Biden’s words: “This is the principle alone. Queda mucho más trabajo, por decir algo obvio ”.

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