De la Fuente: Russia’s abstention in the UN Human Rights Council does not change Mexico’s position on the invasion of Ukraine

Juan Ramon de la FuenteMexico’s ambassador to United nationsmake it clear to abstain from lay off a Russia subordinate Human Rights Council Do not question the location our country sentence to me Invade Russian in Ukraine.

In an interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga for your space radius formulade la Fuente Ramirez noted that the aforementioned resolution, which was voted on in United Nations General Assembly The polarization of the body over the situation in Ukraine has increased since February 24.

He declared: “At no time does this mean that we support what the Russian Federation is doing, that we take sides or stop condemning the invasion, condemning the aggression against civilians, and condemning the unacceptable nature of the images seen.”

Mexico’s position should leave no room for doubt: yesterday’s action does not seem to us to be the correct one, it can be said, but if they believe that by suspending Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council, progress will be made in resolving the conflict, in criminalizing the perpetrators of these images And heinous crimes none of this is true.”

Countries his-hair-it They decided this Thursday lay off sharing Russia in it Human Rights Council In response to its alleged abuses in Ukraine.

at the initiative of United State and his allies United Nations General Assembly He approved the measure by 93 votes to 24 against and 58 abstentions, including Mexico’s vote.

Reasons why Mexico abstained from voting

De la Fuente Ramirez stressed that in order to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to open channels of dialogue and hold Russia accountable for the possible crimes committed in the invasion.

“It was a hasty decision: three paragraphs were not submitted to the consultation and erred for the sanctioned, those who promoted it, because the result was that they lost 50 votes in relation to the previous resolutions, 93 votes, not even a qualified majority. He gave Russia 20 votes, he said, which only supported five votes, and yesterday I got 24”.

“The main issue is that no one should be suspended from the Council. The issue is that what happened in Ukraine calls, as Mexico mentioned, for an independent investigation that allows for those responsible to be identified, for crimes to be identified and brought to account, and that is consistent with the International Criminal Court or a specialized court, as Mexico and other countries indicated.

The Mexican ambassador to the United Nations stressed that the resolution will have no effect and close channels of dialogue with Russia.

“What is pluralism? So that we can find spaces for dialogue in our differences. Truce is achieved by talking to enemies, not friends. I still wonder what the meaning of the decision was, and what went wrong with those who made it.”

What are the consequences of this decision? Nothing, that’s why we abstained. We will continue to insist on humanitarian aid and a cessation of hostilities and diplomacy. We are not going to polarize the world and the United Nations because that does not help. Our position has been very clear and I think it is the right position.

De la Fuente asks that those responsible for atrocities in Ukraine should be brought to justice

Juan Ramon de la Fuente repeated this Mexico agree at any Responsible subordinate atrocities committed in Ukraine to rule In view of international courts.

“Certainly, it has been said twice before the Security Council, and we will continue to do so, especially in one of the most successful possible lines, the International Criminal Court, first because Mexico is a signatory to the Rome Statute has always strengthened the work of the Court, and now within the Security Council we have been tasked To be the link between the council and the court,” he pointed out.

The prosecutor in court has already launched an investigation into what is happening in Ukraine, because unfortunately we will see more things, it is a great tragedy. Mexico has already lent its support to the attorney general.”

And we want to identify those responsible, classify the crimes (…) and bring them to the corresponding case so that they receive the punishment, because what they did is unacceptable.”

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