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A potent sismo remake a rural and mounted area in this est Afghanistan in madrigada de este miercoles and dejó mil personas muertas y mil 500 heridas, según una agency notice statat. The authorities advise that the macabre figure to justify.

Information on the 6.1 magnitude drum was recorded near the front with Pakistan followed immediately, but the tremors of this potential caused severe damage, especially in an area such as this. the constructions are mal hechas and the derrumbes are habitual. Specialists say that the epicenter is within 10 kilometers of the ridge, another factor that increases the impact.

Destroying is an important task for the government led by Talibanbecause it has passed through the middle of the United States retaliatory policy far from its history, the decades that the militia has been able to carry out during the assassinations since September 11, 2001.

Rescuers fleeing the area affected by the helicopters are deadly, but it is possible that the relevant sea agency, or international aid agencies, abandon the Taliban route.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has made it clear that its epicenter is in the Afghan province of Paktika, within 50 kilometers of the city of Khost. It registers several times in the province of Khost, and the temples are set up in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

Pictures taken in Paktika mostraban a hombres llevando a la víctimas sobre mantas a helicópteros que esperaban para sacarlos del lugar. Others are treated in place: a resident fluid recipient but intravenously sent in a plastic silk around the rest of the living, other places establish tendons in the camels. In other photographs, the residents are rebuscaban among the clay ladders and scorpions of the bas-reliefs, algae with trays or laths.

The number of fraudulent reports reported by the notification agency Bakhtar equal to one registered earthquake that struck the north of Afghanistan in 2002, as soon as the invasion invaded by the estadoundropes tropes derocasen al gobierno Taliban. Most recent since 1998, when running 6.1 degrees and the rear replicas weigh up to 4 miles 500 in a remote remote zone.

As a part of the world, a magnitude of this magnitude does not cause a great devastation, by Robert Sanders, seismologist of the United States Geological Survey. However, in these cases, the number of victims depends on the geography, the quality of their constructions and the density of the population.

“Como es una montañosa zone, hay desprendimientos de rocas y deslaves de los que no nos entereremos hast que se reporten m ad adelante. The most ancient editions are pronounced a desmoronarse ”, explicit. “Debid in the condensate that is in the area is part of the world, in the same way that there are similar earthquakes that cause many important things.”

Members of Bakhtar’s General Director, Abdul Wahid Rayan, wrote on Twitter that 90 living quedaron destruidas in Paktika and it is believed that a dozen of the persons being assisted are being buried there. La Media Luna Roja Afghanistan has 4 miles of mantas, 800 camping bags and 800 kitchen kits in the affected area, aggregate.

In the capital, Kabul, the Prime Minister, Mohammad Hassan Akhund, led a reunion of emergencies in the presidential palace to coordinate the ayudar’s efforts. But on the other hand, Bilal Karimi, recently joined by the Taliban, posted on Twitter that ayuda agencies sent teams to the area.

“The respondent is on the move,” said United Nations Coordinator for Afghanistan Ramiz Alakbarov on Twitter.

In a statement, the Pakistani Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, offered his condolences to the victims and affirmed that his goblino brindari ayuda al pueblo afgano.

Only in a district in the province of Khostcaused by more than 25 cases and more than 95 cases, involving local authorities.

In some remote areas of Pakistan, there are reports of people living near the Afghan front, but not just clearing the sea, but also causing floods or floods, said Taimoor Khan, referring to the local travel agency.

The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center reports that the temples are notarized at a distance of more than 500 kilometers by 119 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Mounted Afghanistan and the region of Asia that crosses the foothills Hindu Kushwhere the technical plates of India and Eurasia are concentrated, however, much more vulnerable times and terrified devastators are present.

In 2015, there was a significant increase in the number of people killed in the country and more than 200 people in Afghanistan and in the north of Pakistan. Similar to 6.1 degrees caused by one mile in the north in 2002, average since 1998, other than 6.1 degrees and the posterior replicas weighing over 4,500 in the north.


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