“Debilitar” in Russia, the exchange rate strategy of the EE.UU. in Ukraine

Washington (CNN) – Russia’s invasion of Russia and Ukraine has been transformed into a doldrums, like a stream of water on the road, the United States and its allies are searching for a new long-distance target: derrotar to Russia in a different way a Moscow to launch another or similar to the future.

This message is being broadcast live on Clarity City, led by Lloyd Austin, Secretary of the EU.U. Defense’s Office. has the point of not being able to hack the type of world that has invaded Ukraine “.

A portfolio of the National Security Council said that Austin’s comments coincided with the objectives of the United States, which “has invaded a strategic faction for Russia”.

“Queremos que Ucrania gane”, agregav el portavoz. “One of our objectives is to limit the capacity of Russia to fly as much as it does, as the Austin secretariat does. Because we are targeting the Ukrainians with weapons and equipment to be able to defend against the Russian atheists, and because we are using sanctions and controls on exports that are directly directed at the Russian defense industry. “We are looking for economic and military power from Russia to protect and attack our allies.”

Functional students who travel with Austin know that it is a message that the Secretariat of the Defense Planet reiterates, following a high functionality of Gobierno Biden. Russia is the most controversial of all the members of the administration, and it is an idea that there is no reference to other functionalities in the administration. Statutory functions, without embargo, have been shown in many reactions to affirm and clarify that the object of the EE.UU. is seen in Russia militarily disarming and neutralizing far away, permanently quasi-optimistically optimistic about what to do with the type of negotiated agreement.

A function of Este Europe is told by CNN that it’s increasingly frustrating mentality. “The only solution here is what Ukraine’s doing,” he said.

The change of strategy has been produced in the last few weeks, evidenced by a clever tolerance of the root cause with the more complex weapon arm, and is a reflection of the creation of Putin’s targets in Ukraine. part of Ukraine, as well as the fact that no one despised the annexation of Crimea in 2014, led a British diplomat.

“Including ogre ogrure alguna solucón in la que [Putin] taking a little bit of Donbás and all that inactive, the logical dictatorship that has more to do with it. “But as long as you can fight the battlefield in this opportunity it is not only a victory on the plaza, but also a strategy far away from the plaza.”

The Russian tactic of the quay land in perturbadoras images 0:46

Debilitar a Rusia is an objective alcanzable para Occidente

There is a great deal of compression between the state and Western officials — especially those deprived of the civilian lives by the Russians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha — because it is unlikely that Russia will be able to afford it as soon as possible. aggresión se detenga para siempre, dijeron funcionarios estadounidenses y occidentales a CNN.

“Ya ha perdido mucha capacidad militar”, said Austin. “And many parts of your tropes, frankly. And we say that you can not reproduce my capacity rapidly.”

Biden administration functionaries are optimistic that this is an algebraic objective, as opposed to CNN. The functions of the administration and the powers of the Congress do not seem to be created by the fact that the military continuity of Ukraine results in significant gains for Russia which affect its military capacities at a distance, strategically benefiting the EE.UU.

United States has provided the most sophisticated and sophisticated teams in Ukraine that have abstained from proportion to passage, including 72 howitzers and Phoenix Ghost tactical drones.

“The way in which we are doing this is that there is an inversion to neutralize the Russians and the Russian Navy during the last decade,” he said, referring to the familiar Congress with military assistance in exchange for Ukraine.

Casa Blanca’s secretary of state, Jen Psaki, told reporters that the periodicals were “obsessed with the current situation in Ukraine”, “United States and its allies” trying to avoid it. [Rusia] amplíe sus esfuerzos y los objetivos del presidente Putin más allá de eso “.

Blinken says that Russia’s actions against Ukraine are vague 2:52

A delicate “act of balance”

The bureaucrats are alarmed by the fact that the United States and its allies are finally trying to impose sanctions on Russia, but on the other hand, sanctions have been levied on the global economy as well as on Putin’s opposition. país si lo arrinconan demasiado.

A familiarity with the intelligence assessments of the United States about Russia says that “there is an act of equilibrium that must be carried out at the moment” in order to prevent sanctions, or the escalation of sanctions or military action. intelligence “.

The United States, however, acknowledged that Putin’s day-to-day use of nuclear weapons was not a matter of exchange, “one of the basis of which is the establishment of the regime,” he said. you know that your goblin is seriously amenazado.

A function of the United States is separate from the fact that Austin’s comments are not available in Italian, but because of the Russian propaganda line that the OTAN and the United States’s apocalypse in Ukraine is a game of chance.

The objective is not to decipher the Russians that “pass by, pass United States and OTAN are debilitating”, it is functional, since Occidente deliberately intends to cast Russia menteras is in the war with Ukraine.

A State Department spokesman said sanctions against the United States and its allies against Russia were “all in support of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.” detenerlo “y de deje de financij su suchina de guerra, para detener la matanza. The intentions of the catalysts that acted to activate the brutal war and not to provoke Putin were thwarted. “Do not treat the Russian people like that.”

It is not clear what the United States is doing with respect to the sanctions that Russia has leveled at a significant pact with Ukraine and retaliated against. Variants point to CNN dijeron that in this scenario, United States is likely to consider finding algunas sanction, in a good buna fe, mantras mantiene otras. United States and its allies, including the United Kingdom, have been able to overcome the viability of a “retrospective” mechanism that allows them to rapidly impose sanctions as Moscow violates the existing laws.

But with the conflicting course and perspectives of a piece of paper that packs every vez more sombreras, the options are very easy to implement, considering the functionalities. The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said in March that the exchange rate of Russia should be “irreversible” in anticipation of the United States taking into account the sanctions.

“It is safe to assume that the quality of the sea, the sound, the irreversibility, the fact that it can not fly and suck, that Russia does not retaliate in one or three years, and that the Hague is exactly what it’s, Blinken in one interview with NPR.

Zelensky espera dialogar con Biden en Ucrania 0:19

The changes concerning the escalation of the war

The deficient level of Russia and its significant significance in the battlefield contributed significantly to its position rather than the prevalence of the United States, which is functional.

Aiming to warn Washington that the artillery shipment weighed as much as a provocation, Biden announced millions of dollars in tanks, ammunition and ammunition lasting through the passage, indicating that algunas had his initial preoccupations conflicto han disminuido.

United States must be prepared to train Ukrainian armed forces in systems more advanced and compatible with OTAN, including Austin and periodicals, a medium that allows United States and allied countries to be proportionate rapidly, that these systems are most available as the Soviet era team that Occident tends to search until the feces.

“There is a series of cambies that owl simultaneously,” said the British diplomat. “One is looking at futures capacities and that is related to the most modern artillery and armaments. Dos, we eliminate what is in the battlefield.”

Biden’s case has always been amplified by the rhetoric described by Putin, following criminal war crimes and declaring that he could not continue in the cause and accuse him of genocide, and that his preoccupations were among the many things he could do. hacer que Putin arremeta.

However, the president has minimized many personal concerns, since he or she is familiar with conversations, where the articulation that is clearly evident is the most important that arises from a possible escalation. It has been pointed out that Russia’s military capabilities are not as solid as those of the United States.

Ambassador Nathan Sales, who until 2021 has emerged as the inner secretariat of Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights in the Department of State, says that the “final result” is that “Russia’s stupid means more stable world” and that the States Units must prepare for Russia’s policy

“Putin’s father is here, Russia is a malicious actor,” he said. “We can not expect Russia to be a constructive and responsible actor in Europe or in the international system more amplitude.”

Sales aggregate that, for the most part, the United States prepares itself for “a prolonged period” of its hacie russia policy with the objective of limiting its capacity “to cause pre-termination in all the world”.

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