Decades abandoned the Azovstal plant in Mariupol

Kiev.— Among the 20 civilians, including a variety of people, puddle salt from a sider plant in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol, which is supported by the beginning of the evacuation of the ultimate reduction of resistance in the city.

Ukrainian citizens of the Azov regime, who defended the site, said that 20 civilians were killed, possibly in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, 225 kilometers to the north.

The Russian news agency TASS reports that as many as 25 civilians, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, have been working hard to ensure that the evacuation is underway.

The plan was carried out by the UN in the margins, although it was not clear what the balance was in the organization by the international organization or how many evacuations were carried out.

Do not brindaron details about the condition of the people who salieron.

The conditions in the red tunnel amplitude fall on the Azovastal plant, as they remain permanently resettled by civilians fighting Ukrainian fighters, either qualifying as brutal, and their intentions prevailing but evacuated. At the Azovstal plant, one thousand civilians were killed by a group of two Ukrainian soldiers who resisted the Russian bombers. The ultimate satellite imagery of the master plant that many of its units have been reduced to ruins.

Zelensky habló en ruso durante a discourse en a video emitid por la noche en el insta a los soldados rus u no luchar en Ukrania e indicó that inclus los generali rusos prevén que miles de elos morirán. “All the Russian soldiers can be saved by their lives. “It’s better to sobrevivir in Russia than to pass through our land,” he concluded.

Airport runway bombardment

Appearing alto el fuego in Mariupol ocurrió at the moment that the Russian mainland is showing its presence in all of Ukraine, especially in the disputes of the eastern regions, with the mainland being Odessa, a port on the Negro sea. The regional governor of Odessa, Maxim Marchenko, said that one Russian-backed militia had blocked the runway, while mainland Russia was attacking the infrastructure and abasement lines in the east of the nation.

The Ukrainian authorities also informed the hallazgo of three men killed with bodies of torture near Bucha. The Russian Ministry of Defense detailed that its armed forces fired 17 installations of Ukrainian military with high-precision missiles, enabling a mandate point and a diamond to be used to store ammunition and artillery. They fired more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers and destroyed 23 armored vehicles, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Measures, extra virgin extracts from a fossa in Myrotske locality, only mangoes and their natives.

Kharkiv, meanwhile, has suffered a number of artillery bombardments, killing at least 12 men and women, indicating the military administration of the city. The Ukrainian government acknowledged that variations of aldeas from the Donbás cayeron region in the hands of the Russians, but assured that they were going to have important goals. The Russian tropics have tended to merge and redistribute units of their “false advances” in the north of Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy denounced that Russia had carried out “tens of miles” of cereals in the Ukrainian territories under Russian military occupation.

Piden respetar acuerdo

The state news agency Tass quoted Vladimir Yermakov as saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not have nuclear proliferation, saying that all its nuclear potential had the potential to be reconciled with the logic behind its official documents. Dijo: “Nuclear warfare, which should be decimated, should be reduced to a minimum, in particular by preventing any armed conflict between nuclear powers. “Russia is clearly a signatory.”

Alert of Sweden

A Russian violet reconnaissance aircraft flying through the airspace of Sweden informs officials of the Scandinavian country that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is studying the possibility of adhering to OTAN.

Apron of Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron broadcast to his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky his “task of activating for the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine for the next term” and in coordination with the allies, said the Palaisio de Elyséo.

During the conversion of an hour ago, Macron assured Zelensky that he was sending “military material” and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, declared Eliseo.


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